Do you ever wonder why witchcraft still exists?

Since there are so many Christians in the world and the Scriptures say, Thou shall not suffer a witch to live. Or are Christians not as serious about their religion as Muslims? After all, Muslims will kill just about anybody and just say Well, y’know, our head honcho the false prophet Mohammad said we should kill people who don’t believe like us terrorists.

no, i do not have time for nonsense………

It existed before Christianity and was passed down silently through the generations. I believe the commandment &quot:Thou Shall Not Kill&quot: came into play at some point too. The Muslims, must not have gotten that memo.

The problem with your reasoning is you are forgetting a very important shift that occurred with the birth of Christ. The Old Testament laws bound the Jewish people into slavery to those laws, however with Christ’s birth, God’s people were freed. Christ came to offer forgivness to ALL people who accept Him and in Ephesians 6 he says that &quot:All things are permissible though me&quot:…though of course not all things are beneficial. Because Christ died on the cross, God will not see my sins when I stand before Him, he will only see the perfect life that His son lived.

I am now free from the laws of the Old Testament and do not take an &quot:eye for an eye,&quot: nor do animals need to be sacrificed to my God to bring me closer to Him, nor do I need to burn witches to reach Heaven. Christ freed me from all of these laws when he lived the perfect life and then died on the cross to pay for my sins.

Before comparing Christians to Muslim terrorists, try learning about our faith and understanding the &quot:Christ&quot: in &quot:Christian&quot:.

faith is faith and to crush it can empower it. its and idea not a thing it cannot be killed there are still people out there that probably still believe in the Greek gods, there for a fact are zorostarians still believe in whatever they believe in: people believe in aliens and evlvis and ghoasts and miricles why not witches wica and devils and demons and angels…. does it matter faith goes to different religions and such over time but rarely do they become completely extint or at least not really fast and over night

Muslims are unquestionably more serious about their religion than Christians. Which is why it’s easier to ridicule them. Honestly, Christians need to start their own country, and they could kill witches and gays and stuff.

first of all muslims are not terrorists, timothy mcVay or whatever his name was- was not muslim so we don’t say all christians are terrorists, the korean guy that killed ppl at vt was south korean but we don’t say they’re all terrorists, so watch ur mouth, respect everyones religion

oh and i dont wonder why witchcraft exists, i wonder y racist ppl like u exist

What does this have to do with witchcraft??? It sounds more like you’re racist rant about a religion and a people you don’t know anything about. Think before you speak!!

The catholic church did a sloppy job of killing them?

The original witches are immortal?

The idea is still recognized by many as being a good one? (You can kill a man, but not the idea)

You are really rude to muslims, I think you are a witch!! Burn her, she weighs as much as a duck!!!!

Yeah! It exists because sensible people need to escape to a peaceful place where there are no religious maniacs.

Are you the type of guy who burns Harry Potter books or something? I avoid all religious nutcases

No…and I am even more in the dark as how you seem to ask questions on religion when it is apparent you know absolutely nothing about it.

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