Can US citizens still be drafted into the army?

I thought that the draft had been abolished, but maybe I am misinformed because there was someone on Yahoo answers asking how to dodge the draft. So whats the real situation? Thanks.

Nope, their used to be a draft but not anymore.

Every male who is a United States Citizen over the age of 18 is required by law to register for Selective Service, aka the Draft. That being said, there is currently no draft in effect. There could be, if the need arose, but there is currently not one. There may be one again, but not now.

Charles Rangel has, once again, moved his bill forward to reinstate the draft. The difference is, this time, the republicans do not have anywhere near the representation in congress to block that bill. Obama has already said he will sign it into the law. The only question is, how much support does that bill really have among the democrats. They threw their weight behind it in the past when it seemed like a tool to pressure the republicans to end our involvement in the middle east….only backing off when the republicans made it clear that they would never allow that bill to become law and would hang it around the necks of the democrats like an albatross. But things have changed politically. If the democrats truly want a draft, they absolutely will get it.

However, that being said, a rather large number of (republican) states have passed resolutions that essentially say they they will not cooperate or enforce a draft, if one is called.

That’s how divisive Obama and the democratic congress is. For the first time in 150 years, something like half the states in the union are refusing to recognize the authority of the federal government.

There is still a draft. Every male US citizen as to register with Selective Service when they turn 18. There will be no draft in the near future, all the branches of the military currently meet their quota of personnel and with the economy being in its current state, more people are voluntarily joining so they will have a guaranteed job.

Well, technically the draft has been abolished, but they still test the machinery used to pick who would be drafted. And legally, any male age 18 or older must be registered in case of a draft…so if a current president wanted to initiate a draft, then technically, yes, they could still be drafted, but I don’t think it would happen any time soon, although I wish they would so it would take the strain off of the guys who have already done 2 or 3 tours over in Iraq and Afghanistan…sorry to all of you who think that is wrong, but it would help them get some dwell time.

Men get selective service numbers. A draft is only called if needed, but yes they could still do it if they wanted to. The men are then drafted based on there selective service numbers. Almost all male U.S. citizens, and male aliens living in the U.S., who are 18 through 25, are required to register with Selective Service, Look here for more info…

It is actually kinda scarey when you start to read it.

The draft is not abolished. It is not currently active, but Congress can change that at any time with a vote. The last time they voted on it it was unanimously shot down, so that should tell you something.

With that said, there is the Selective Service, which makes you eligible for the draft if Congress votes to re-enact it.

They can still draft you if they want to, they just haven’t needed to since Vietnam i believe. By law you are supposed to register for the draft when you turn 18 incase they need to start it back up again. Yet another reason why all of us back home should be thankful for everyone in the military. Without them we WOULD have drafts.

The USA has a purely volunteer military there is no draft.

No draft as of yet!

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