Why is there no sympathy for Israeli Jews?

We jews are the first to get the blame when some stupid Palestinian messes things up, and it’s always Look how bad Israelis are treating the Palestinians
But what about us? they attack our businesses, kill our children, bomb us, bombard us, laugh and mock us, when we do everything in our power to make life as comfortable as we can for them, but they are still not satisfied.
There just isn’t no sympathy from the U.K, Europe and U.S for what Israeli Jews have to continually endure.

If your leaders give the palestinian people there own State then it would put an end to the fighting.I personally feel for all innocent people caught up in political crap.

I think there is sympathy for Israeli Jews to an extent. It’s just that when the Israeli soldiers show such terrible disregard for human life and kill countless innocent people – including children (on purpose) then that sympathy takes a battering..

I know Hamas attack you, but the reaction shouldn’t be to drop bombs on or near a school – regardless of whether you think that’s where the firing is coming from. That’s just wrong.

To be honest the creation of Israel was very shortsighted. It’s not that I don’t agree with Jews having a homeland – I think it was wrong to displace other people just to give them one. In addition, it was always going to create a terrible amount of hostility within the Muslim world. Is the price that you all (Jews and Muslims) worth it? Is it really? I would say not.

I’m not saying that now that it’s been created it should be dismantled. Now that it’s here, it has to remain. However, there must also be a free Palestine. That’s only fair. I have no doubt that there will be one in my lifetime (I’m British btw so no bias) but I also have no doubt that there will be plenty of blood spilt along the way. The only way forward is diplomacy.

The lack of sympathy is for the Israeli government and not any individual Israelis who are killed by terrorism. It has nothing to do with Jews, but rather with the Israeli government building settlements, and continuing to build settlements on Palestinian land, while barring Palestinians from living in their own country.

Israel is the aggressor, and the country’s refusal to stop building settlements, annexing Palestinian land is ludicrous and makes no sense to anyone. Image if the US started building settlements inside Mexican territory and forbidding Mexican citizens from entering? There would be a huge outcry, and everyone would denounce the US as wrong. Yet Israel continues to do this for over 40 years. All the Palestinians want is a return to 1967 borders, that’s it. It is not too much to ask, it is the moral thing to do.

There is, on the contrary, a great deal of sympathy for Israeli Jews.
The international community has a long history of failing to do anything, beyond criticism, about Israel’s maltreatment of its neighbours and constant breeches of international law. Something they do not do with any other state. Where are the state stifling sanctions that the international community has imposed on other countries that have defied United Nations resolutions, for example?
If you truly believe that Israel &quot:do everything in our power to make life as comfortable as we can&quot:, you really need to read all of this link from the World Bank:


My firm belief is that neither you nor any other Jews would tolerate such state controls in YOUR lives.

Please do not be so paranoid, but treat your fellow citizens and close neighbours rather better than you have been doing since the establishment of Israel in 1947 and specially since 1967.

Everyone always seems to get mad when Israel responds to Palestinian violence. There were years of rocket attacks against Israel, yet there wasn’t any world outrage about this. People say, &quot:well, only a few Jews were killed by these attacks&quot:. But they say nothing about all of the people injured, and all of the property damage by these attacks. No one mentions the fact that Israel warned Hamas to stop the attacks. Israel told Hamas that they would attack if the rockets didn’t stop. And everyone is mad about the security walls that Israel has put up. But no one talks about the years of suicide bombings inside Israel killing thousands of Israelis before the walls were put up. This is why the walls were put up, not because of racism. And they don’t mention that the security walls have drastically cut down on the suicide bombings inside Israel. Everyone says it’s because of the occupied territories, but no one mentions that the areas were not occupied until Egypt threatened Israel in 1967 when they amassed 100,000 troops and 1,000 tanks on the Israeli border. And no one mentions that Israel gave back one of these territories (Gaza), and then the Palestinians moved in and started shooting rockets. It’s classic liberalism. They get mad at Israel for defending themselves, but they say nothing about all the attacks from the Palestinians and Arab countries over the years. People say &quot:well just return the occupied territories and the terrorist attacks will stop&quot:. But they don’t realize that Israel was attacked many times BEFORE Israel occupied the areas in 1967. Israel was attacked by Arab armies in the very beginning when they were first created by the UN. And everyone says &quot:give the Palestinians their own state&quot: but they forget that the UN had a 2 state solution way back in 1948, the jews accepted the plan, and the Arabs rejected it.
People say that Israel stole Palistine, but there never was a country called Palestine. There have been Jews and Arabs living in that area for hundreds of years. Jews were buying land in that area before Israel was created. They didn’t steal the land, Israel was created by the UN.

No, Israel doesn’t do everything they can to make life comfortable for Palestinians. There are thousands of Palestinians unable to rebuild their homes because Israel won’t allow building materials into Gaza, despite having bombed them rather effectively. That is not even close to doing everything in your power to make them comfortable. There are only 2 options to explain a statement like that. 1) you don’t know what you’re talking about. 2) you’re lying. There are no other explanations for such a blatantly false statement. So which is it, do you not know what you’re talking about or are you lying about it?

Why is there no sympathy for Israeli Jews? There’s plenty. Just because some of us despise how the Israeli government treats its Arab minority and the continued occupation of the West Bank and domination of Gaza doesn’t mean we don’t feel sorry for innocents losing their lives or being injured in terror attacks. Of course, it can be rather hard for some to feel sorry for the aggressors in a conflict. After all, it is Israel that illegally occupies Palestine, not the other way round. If Israel ended its illegal occupation, lifted its illegal blockade of Gaza and ended the apartheid system against Israeli Arabs then no doubt more people would criticise attacks against it.

It’s just, unfortunately, racism. The media is firmly against Jews and modern anti-Semitism is appears as anti-Israel libel and slander. If people learn to think for themselves and make up their own minds they’d be influenced less by all the anti-Israel propaganda from the media, international organisations and politicians. Did you know that the UN has passed over 1000 resolutions against Israel with no explanable reason for this hatred.

Sorry not interested in the plight of anyone other than the Palestinians in that region – Even the USA is not turning tail when it comes to supporting Israel and about time too!

Also have you noticed that Israeli Jews are always talking about being victims yet simultaneously go on about being the most successful people in the world – So you are &quot:SUCCESSFUL VICTIMS&quot: are you? Ok then – rollseyes!

well before UN decided to steal the territory from palestine, you did not exist really,so maybe they think they deserve better than just people like you saying &quot:when we do everything in our power to make life as comfortable as we can for them&quot:,maybe they deserve freedom and their land back.
maybe if you stop killing children you get more sympathy.
the reason why jews have a homeland is because of what you all endure from nazis during the war, maybe it is time you stop doing the same to palestine,israel behaves like the child that was 1st bullied and then becomes the bully.
learn from history .you can both be great countrys

i think of the Israelies deserve alot extra know then they get. They take care of conflict interior the main suitable way achievable. whilst chezbolla shot rockets into their u . s . a . and abducted their infantrymen (whom are nevertheless lacking) for the only purpose of instigating a war israel retaliated and despatched out pamphlets telling the civilians to evacuate previously. of direction the international have been given very indignant even nonetheless that they had a entire suitable to retaliate. If u.s. grew to become into hit we does no longer have in simple terms stood idly via.The islamic extremists Blow themselves up in simple terms to kill israelies. They dance interior the line whilst this occurs (and likewise whilst u.s. grew to become into hit on 9/11) They dont care approximately killing civilians yet Isrealies are very careful to no longer bomb any hospitals or colleges….

Sympathy – do me a favour!!!

Most of the fights have from what the news leads us to believe have been caused by Jews, i know that the news quite often get stories wrong but when its every news channel, with live / video footage how can you deny what you are doing.

Why is it third World countries always look at the UK for a bail out of sympathy – we have our own problems, our economy is falling apart, but hey were are supposed to surrender our troops and money to bail your country out of something you have continued for years.

The misery is equal between the Jews and Palestine’s, why not leave it there

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