Why can’t Gays agree to Civil Unions instead of Gay Marriage??

Same Rights but different name and everyone lives.

Why can’t Gays agree to this???

Not sure but the Government shouldn’t be in our way of what we wanna do

Why can\t anti-gays agree to use of the term marriage? Same rights, same name and everyone lives.

Separate but equal is not equality

it is an attack on churches…i contend gay liberals HATE Christians,…because they were likely rejected by family,and since the family were most likely Christan,they equate it with churches..it has nothing to do with civil rights,but is about revenge…same goes for gay libs and the military…it is NOT about whats is right,because liberals HATE,DESPISE,AND SEEK TO DESTROY THE MILITARY…

THIE WHOLE GAY ISSUE IS PRETENSE…they are liberals first…

i have already heard rumblings of attack legally the church…

This is a Soros thing, it’s about Obfuscation of the language, not about rights. It’s about blurring the lines and destroying the culture. He’s also working to take children away from parents authority / influence. Destroying the family unit will harm our culture and weaken us. That’s the Soros plan, well he’s a Rothschild Agent. They did much of this in Nazi Germany, destroy the fabric of society and they will do anything.

This came up long ago in Soros Tides Foundation. It’s about the effect on culture, not about the cause. Soros could care less about human rights, he just uses it as pretext and it always weakens the country he targets. That IS the goal.

Because it really is about corrupting the religious aspect of marriage.

Deep inside, they know that they are wrong. They want to profane marriage in an attempt to gain acceptance and valditiy for their perverted lifestyle. It won’t happen. God says homosexuals are an abomination to His eyes and I’ll take God’s word over any far left crap anytime.

yeah I don’t understand this, someone enlighten me. any gays around?

that is true, separate but equal is unconstitutional, just like we determined in the Brown vs. Board of Education.

but people argue being born black is different from being gay. that’s the big debate whether it’s a choice or they are also born being gay

Because if someone else can have a marriage, a gay couple should have one, too.

And it shouldn’t even be a political issue! If a man and man or women and women want to get married, so be it! Why should it concern you?

Gays actually have more rights then straights…don’t let them fool you! Ever tried to add a girlfriend/boyfriend to your health insurance policy? Gays can without even being married! Ever seen Chuck and Larry? Its for real! A girl at work is gay and has her best friend covered by her insurance because she claims she is her lover which she is not.

because its’n not equality. if the straights accept civil unions instead of marriage then ok (this would be good idea as it is a civil contract)

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