What driver won the first Nascar race you ever watched.?

If you can remember.

Ok for me it was April 5th, 1992, I was 16 and Alan Kulwicki won at Bristol. I was immediately hooked and Alan, RIP was my favorite driver (he won the championship that year-independent driver)

It was the Daytona 500 in 1995. That was the first race I watched ever following the December 1994 meeting Dale Sr. on I95 heading south and he talked me into it.
Sterling Marlin won. I have been hooked ever since.

different than above ref. I seem to undergo in suggestions a love faucet interior the merely precise turn at riverside? From Ricky Rudd to Davey Allison that located Ricky in front. NASCAR stated no way and offered the victory to Davey. bear in mind that this pass have been and has been accomplished earlier and after that adventure with out reversing the order. Thats racing! As for this Carl element? If what they discovered might additionally practice to have given him that lots of an unfair benefit then perchance their getting rid of his victory could seem justified. That being stated, Dale spun his tires and himself stated he merely did not have the grip. perhaps if Carl’s vehicle had not had greater advantageous grip by way of fact of that cap there could have been a closer end. i don’t see the place that would desire to have made that huge a distinction yet lower back i’m not a expert driving force, mechanic, engineer, or NASCAR expert. i don’t think Jr could even choose a win offered like this. he’s a driving force and prefer maximum, i think, could extremely end 2nd than have 1st given to him afterwards! As for Carl? If responsible (AKA, the team) high quality the driving force the factors he earned, the money he earned, take one greater a hundred factors and make him start up on the tip of the line on the subsequent race. As for the team? eliminate proprietor factors putting the offending team and vehicle outdoors the precise 35 meaning they could might desire to get interior the practice on time not factors. (previous champion provisional does not count selection right here). (the driving force retains his factors and status the vehicle does not) OH! This has not something to do with JR. This has to do with cheating! Which his team additionally has been caught at. all the communities cheat some merely get caught previous to others.

I bet you were hot then and even hotter now, just to throw that out there. I know I watched races before the one I’m about to tell you about, but this is the first one that I can actually remember. I was 14 in 1992, but that’s not the race. Whatever year Derrick Cope won the DAytona 500. I just remember being a kid and really only getting to watch that race every year because we didn’t have cable and I loved Dale Sr and I got crushed every year by his misfortune.

For me we have to go back to the year 1978, I was 6 years old sitting in the parents living room, watching really fast cars going around this HUGE track. I still to this day remember asking my pops, What do they call this race track, as he replies, son, this is Talladega the biggest and fastest cup track in Nascar! I just remember sitting their in shock, because of how fast they were going!

So, to answer your question, that would be,
Cale Yarborough
May 14th, 1978

And that my friends is why Sir Cale became my first favorite driver!

The Daytona 500 this year. Jamie McMurray won the race.

Tony Stewart

Dale Earnhardt at Martinsville in 1995. I saw pieces of races before that, but i can’t remember the winners or specific tracks.

Tony Stewart won at Kansas in 2006. I know I watched more before that, but I can’t remember who won them, lol!

Jamie McMurray when he subbed for Sterling Marlin at Charlotte in 2002 .

Dale sr mid 80’s

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