Should Decisive measures be taken against Israel for Attacking the UN in Gaza? ?

Maybe Europe Sending troops in to defend the Palestinians and Even the US Demanding an end to the Israeli agression against civilians.

do you believe this type of State terrorism should be dealt with by implying economic Sanctions against Israel??

It will never happen, no country in the World will send in Troops to help Terrorist people like Hamas. Israel would kick there asses also. Why don’t Arab/Muslim countries help Hamas? I tell you why because they hate Hamas and they to will get there asses licked by the Israel military. Hamas kills UN people and now you think that the Weak *** UN will help Hamas that a JOKE! KIll all Muslim Terrorist!


Israel has done a remarkably good job at keeping the civilian casualties very low.

Hamas has fired over 5,500 rockets into Israel over the past 18 months.

Israel has the right to defend itself.

Inevitably civilian sites including UN sites will be hit during war.

The UN knew that with Hamas firing all of those rockets every day, that Israel would have to respond sooner or later.

The time for the UN to complain was when Hamas was firing all of those rockets into Israel over the past 18 months, yet the UN was remarkably silent.

The UN only has Hamas to blame for the strike by the Israelis.

I think decisive measures should be taken against Hamas for using the UN headquarters as a position from which to attack Israel (and probably with the local UN staff’s permission … my guess is they’re French but certainly liberal).

Why jump to conclusions and blame Israel ? Peace-hating Hezbolah has been known to bomb and kill their own children and then call in the media to record it and blame Israel. Have you not seen the picture where they are in a hospital (?) and some towel-head is holding up a supposedly dead baby, but all the people and children in the background are smiling and having a great time. What does that tell you ?

You just can’t wait to slam Israel, can you?
Hamas attacked them from that compoundm and they returned fire.
If you were an army officer you would have done the same thing, or you would have watched your forces take on casualties left and right.

Hamas is the culprit here, and the MSM is their ally.

Nope I agree with everything Israel is doing. the only Nation who understands the concept of war.

Israel closed the border to stop suicide bombers from entering their country and killing their people. It should never be reopened or more innocent people will die.

Common sense is never the art of a politician it is the stupidity of intellect that rules them.

Yes, America should follow it’s example and destroy the terrorist harboring organization in America.

Seriously, do you REALLY think the UN would do anything but sit around in APCs wearing blue and watch them kill each other? I’ve never heard of them doing anything else, unless it had to do with them selling children in their refugee camps and hospitals as sex slaves.

No its just a pre-emptive response to another bad choice the Americons made.

Decisive measures should be taken against the UN.

I think Israel is awesome.

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