Possible World War 3 scenarios?

How do you think a Third world war would play out? Not even a world war but at least how you think the next big war in the world will play out.. Not a small occupation or counter insurgency war such as Iraq or Afghanistan but an actual declared war between two or more nations. Nobody answer if their gonna ***** about the probability of any of the answers actually happening I’m just curious to see how people think another big war will play out.. In terms of alliances , each countries capabilities to fight one another , troop strength and details of that sort. I’m interested to know what others think will happen 😀

First will hit the cruise missiles. They are harder to detect so there will be no warning. They will probably hit mostly military targets but the nuclear contamination will start affecting civilians. Then there will be the ballistic missile alert. You will have around 20 min to react not that there is something you can do except to run to your basement. After that perhaps the war will be declared if anyone cares about that. The strategic bombers will come last followed by sporadic hits from submarines and aircraft carriers. The US, Europe, Russia and China will be devastated but Africa, Latin America, Australia and Oceania wil be initially unaffected until the wind brings the nuclear fallout to their shores. North Korea may survive too because who would care to target them in a major conflict. Maybe Russia will be reluctant to target the UK because of all the Russian oligarchs there but I wouldn’t bet on that Russia may especially target the UK because of the Russian oligarchs there.

With all the technology these days, its probably going to be fought with nukes.

Even though the U.S is going through a recession, they are still the world power (I’m korean so I refer to America as &quot:they&quot:) Russia has technology too, but under poor leadership and will probably undergo a civil war like the time it was the Soviet Union.
And China has a large military, but only large numbers of infantry, they will have trouble getting their vast amount of troops across the ocean.
The U.S, Russia and China will probably be the leading countries in the next World War.

World’s two fastest growing countries,china &amp: india are clashing everyday. Because of china’s nowadays activities, it is predicted that a war between china &amp: india is unevitable. Japan will join india, russia should join china &amp: usa, in this war between his largest market (ind) &amp: largest creditor (china), will try to be reluctant.

Play out? It will be one sided. With technology nowadays, a single country can be wiped in under a day.

No. There’s not enough going on yet.

And look who is in control.
Useless Obama,
and dumb-bell Hillary.

some idiot showing his macho s&amp:^t and pushes the THE button by mistake — oh gee… what did i just do oh well…

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