Do you think that Iran is just provoking us into war, because they have Russia and China behind them?

Is this all part of the plan to start WWIII? They know we are weal now, so wouldn’t this be the best time to take us into war by attacking Israel, and driving up our oil costs by blocking the Straights of Hormuz?

you got this backwards. america, britain, and israel is provoking Iran. have you noticed a pattern that it’s always the usa, and its allies provoking others?

Keep in mind that Iran closing the strait of Hormuz would also hurt China, and Russia is in such domestic chaos right now that they simply cannot afford to get into an international conflict with anyone let alone the United States. If Iran tried to start a war, they’d find themselves alone, and even those idiots that call themselves a government aren’t stupid enough to do that.

The threats, while they shouldn’t by any means be ignored, are pretty empty.

They wouldn’t dare attack Israel as long as the US continues to be a world power. Now if the brain-dead hippies that actually like Ron Paul get it their way, the US will all but withdraw from foreign affairs and that would be the ideal time for the Arab nations to collectively invade Israel. The entire world knows that the US is the only reason Israel continues to exist as a free nation today- without our support, they’d be finished, and Hamas would make Adolf Hitler look like a cub scout in comparison to what they’d do.

Iran has nobody behind them. If they close the Straight of Hormuz, they will lose what little support they have.

There will be no World War III, neither Russia or China would risk war with the US over Iran, that is a fact of life.

So pull your tail out from between your legs, dry your eyes and come back to reality.

There is only one issue that could provoke China and the US into a war: Taiwan.

The US would have to gravely threaten Russia’s national security in Eastern Europe to provoke war.

China and Russia will do nothing if Iran attacks an American warship like they have threatened. Iran will pay a terrible price if they provoke us into a war.

The GOP is calling for a war with Iran. They are the ones provoking a war, ignoring the fact that both China and Russia have stated that they will back Iran if we attack them preemptively.

The right wing noise machine is provoking another war, Iran is not a threat to us.

Iran is showing its *** because they think we have a weak leader.They see us fighting among ourselves and know or pres. is to busy running for a 2nd term to pay the attention needed to our outside affairs.

They certainly don’t respect Obama. But they’re not dumb enough to want WWIII.

no its the GOP

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