Brits: Who do you intend to vote for at the general election and why?

I remember asking this question a couple of years ago when it was rumoured that Brown was about to call a snap election. It’d be interesting to see how opinions have changed since then.

I intend to vote for the Conservatives. As a young person who has spent most of my life under a New Labour government and who is willing to work hard, I feel let let down. It seems that people like me are constantly passed over and ignored so that those who aren’t willing to put the effort in can have a better standard of life. I’m working class… Not middle class, as you might expect from a Tory voter. And… Funnily enough… It has been Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative party of the late 80s/early 90s who have made the most difference to my life. Their policies helped my parents work their way up. With emphasis on the WORK. The Labour government has, in my opinion, just given people incentives to not work. They say that they’ve removed the old class system, but they haven’t. All that they’ve done is fragment it further. They’ve divided the old working class into those that are proud of what they have earned (the new working class) and those that are proud of what they own (the underclass).

But that’s mostly personal reasons. If I’m speaking purely as an academic (students are academics, right?), here are my reasons:

The Conservatives want to preserve the Union (the UK). However, they have proposed to address the West Lothian question by allowing only English MPs to vote on matters that will effect only England. I would prefer an English Parliament or Assembly as in Scotland and Wales, respectively, but I would settle for English votes for English laws.

The economy is pretty much screwed either way. I know that they’re saying that we’re coming out of the recession, but reckon it’ll get worse before it gets better, no matter who is in power after 6th May. Given Labour’s recent track record and the fact that Liberal Democrat policy doesn’t appeal to me (although I do respect the Lib Dems), I would rather put my trust in Osborne.

I support tax incentives for married couples. I think that people should work for a living. And I believe that Labour’s idea of multiculturalism isn’t working. I’m from a multicultural background myself, so please don’t start calling me a racist! I love living in London, with friends (and family) coming from a range of diverse cultures. But… When in Rome. People who come to the UK should adapt to British culture. Not expect British culture to adapt to them. The sad reality is, I genuinely don’t believe that people come here believing that the country should change for them. It’s Labour’s policy that does that, causing racial tension along the way. I don’t care where people are from originally. If they live in and positively contribute to the UK, then they’re British.

Cameron wants to strengthen our military. As it stands, we would find it difficult to defend ourselves from invasion or attack without another nation’s support. I know that invasion isn’t a major issue right now, but if we’ve learnt anything from previous conflicts, it’s that a situation can escalate pretty quickly.

The Conservative party are pretty divided when it comes to the European Union, but current policy leans more towards Euroscepticism. I believe that the EU could have been a fantastic thing. In fact, in it’s original form as the European Community, it was a great idea. We should have jumped on-board sooner! But it’s evolved into a bureaucratic, misguided mess of an Empire. Although there’s pretty much nothing that the Tories can do about it now. We’re tied to the EU whether we like it or not.

Anyways… I’ve rambled enough. I may be young and naive (this is my first general election!), but there’s my two pence either way.

Hi 🙂 Thank’s for sharing the quote it raised a smile at the end of reading your question lol. I dont fully agree with what either you or cameron has to say, but you both have your valid points. In Britain today we have so many problems and whoever (if any) gain power, i really feel for the party leader, as they are not going to be able to do much, or change much due to not having overall power. In anycase, i wont share who i have voted for before, it’s irrelevent i vote for the party who i think will give the biggest change for the better for not a minority, not for a majority, but for the whole country. David cameron is not very forthcoming on policies and also the conservatives at the moment tend to say one thing and then change their mind the next time they give a interview. The conservative’s have some very good idea’s but a lot of people remember ms thatcher and how she almost caused a civil war between the people of this country, i am not sure if people are ready to vote, or trust a conservative government again yet. Moving forward, Labour have been in power too long, they now take it for granted that they can do as they wish, dont get me wrong gorden brown is not a bad leader, he has done well in bringing us through a time of economic globalization, and also global recession…We could be in a far worse position and if the other parties were in power, then i think we would be, but now….Both Mr Brown and Labour look tired, and we should give them a well earned rest. Liberal Dem’s, Like the Conservative’s have some unique and inspiring idea’s. Nick Clegg goes one better than David Cam though and actualy gives a more detailed plan of what he will do, when he will do it and where the money will come from…I know the lib dem’s will not win a general election but their policies are far superior at the moment than the other two parties and that is why they will get my vote…Well partly, the other reason is that i live in a seat that is up for grabs by either labour or the lib dem’s and for me its a obvious choice between the two 🙂 Anyone out there reading this, four words for you….THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE, because you cant change it for another 4,5 years….Goodluck to all the parties, even though i say it through my teeth 😛

I will vote labour because they fundamentally agree that investment in public service is crucial for society. I’m from a poor part if south London and over the
last ten years I have seen real change which is all thanks to labour incestmnt. The horrible council estate was replaced by decent homes. I believe that if people live in good conditions they feel more self worth and will behave better. The tax credits scheme has allowed many poor single
mums to get back to work, even if their incomes were low. We have had record funding in education, health, police and the military. Society has definately improved under
labour.. That’s undeniable. We have less poverty, lower crime and better standards of living. I worry that the Tories will reverse all this great work… It seeks like they will not cut spending too much so maybe I’m wrong. But a conservative
by definition wants a tiny state and I believe a small state is another way of saying ‘your on your own regardless if your situation’

I’m not too sure what you mean exactly, because UK is no better placed to preach on such matters than anyone else. Moral decline has always been a big issue, when in reality it’s been going on for centuries – it’s just that now with more investigative journalists on the prowl a lot more gets reported. As for us Brits teaching the Americans anything, personally I find it laughable. You have a republic, envy of the world, half copied by France and never enacted here in UK where we desperately need it. &quot:You can never have too much democracy&quot: Doctor Benjamin Franklin

Yes you are young and naive I felt just as you did but under Thatchers Government, don’t get pulled in by their rhetoric you will only live to regret it just as I did under Maggie, as for issues like the EU well see what their heavy weights like Ken Clarke have to say about it and he has a lot more followers than they would have you believe. The economy well I will just answer that as well, unemployment coming down fact a lot less than when the Tory’s were in, training allot more than when the Tories were in , help for people who lost their homes no-help when the Tory’s were in, manufacturing up car sales up house prices rising , building up. Looks like labour will be able to cut the deficit with independent growth for casts being revised upward enough said.

I agree pretty much with everything you said. With Labour, there are too many people living off benefits which drains the economy.

I want to vote Tory but I looked up,the register and my name is missing. I live in Spain along with about one million other Brits. I wonder if their votes have disappeared too.

It is not just in afghanistan that there are false elections!

Labour, because they are the only party who can be trusted.

I will vote for my local standing MP, I don`t get a vote in the constituencies that Cameron and Brown stand in.

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