Who are your top 5 MLB teams for the 2010 season?

I know its early but i want to know ur predictions. Here’s mine:

1-Yankees- The loss of Matsui (and possibly Damon) hurts but they will have the best pitching staff in baseball with the addition of Javier Vasquez. Also, Granderson is an upgrade on Melky and hsould be able to hit close to 40 HR in the stadium. Also, I wouldn’t be suprised if the Yanks do re-sign Damon or obtain another outfielder to improve their lineup.
2- Red Sox- It will be a hard fought battle in the AL East since the Sox improved their pitching with the addition of Lackey. However, they lost Bay, and that will certainly hurt their offense.
3- Phillies- They could be the number two team but I have them hear in a close third. Halladay as their ace speaks for itself. Also, they haven’t lost any big bats in their lineups. They should win the division and easily be in contention for a World Series trip.
4- Mets- They just added Bay and that should help give them some power in their lineup. Their pitching still needs work and they need to find a reliable catcher. Also, players like David Wright and Carlos Beltran will need to change their offensive game to fit the ballpark (they should focus more on extra base hits rather than HR). As long as everyone stays healthy this year, they should be the favorite for the wild card.
5- Dodgers- not much as changed about their team. They will hopefully have Manny for the whole year this season and their staff is solid. They should be the favorite for the NL West and have a chance at a trip to the WS this year.

5.Red Sox

Red sox last cuz i hate there asses

1. New York Yankees.
2. Boston Red Sox.
3. Philadelphia Phillies.
4. St. Louis Cardinals.
5. Los Angeles Dodgers.

That’s a heavily coast-loaded prediction. I’m not sure I agree. In no particular order, here are the teams that – as of today – stand the best chance of being highly competitive in 2010:

Phillies – hard not to pick a team that’s been to the World Series two years in a row that returns a strong pitching staff and an offense that’s the envy of the league. Oh, and there are still prospects available to trade or help next season. Sick.

Yankees – Their wealth is finally tied up in athletes in their prime, and they continue to stockpile power pitching. Barring injuries, I think a postseason return is inevitable.

Rays – Their young talent propelled them to the playoffs two years ago, and they’ve only matured since then. Though the Red Sox have stronger pitching, it’s hard to imagine that offense as it stands beating out the Rays over a season, and I believe that the Rays’ rotation is ready to become a force.

Giants – They still have one of the most dominant rotations in the NL if not the most dominant, though the Phillies will challenge that next season. Should they ever acquire a true middle of the order bat, they will be a top 5 team in baseball.

Mariners – I’m not convinced by all of their moves (cough, Milton Bradley, cough), but acquiring Cliff Lee and dumping Carlos Silva are major steps forward. The Angels have taken a step backwards by letting Lackey and Figgins go since their young players likely won’t provide similar production. If ever there was a team poised to take advantage of a weakened division, this is it. A full season of Lee and Hernandez is going to be a thing of beauty.

5. prevailing the 1st interest on the hot stadium. 4. an excellent comeback in Philadelphia. The Twins have been down like 9-4 yet got here back interior the ninth and won it in 11 with a house run by utilizing Drew Butera, who’s a poor hitter. 3. Jim Thome passing former twin Harmon Killebrew on the all time HR record. 2. Taking the lead in interest one million of the ALDS (for one short 2nd it sounded like the Twins would desire to definitely accomplish something interior the playoffs this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days). one million. Clinching the significant branch call. Too undesirable each and everything went downhill from there. I missed the previous couple of innings of the 13 inning interest with the aid of fact I had a social gathering to circulate to. It sounded interesting, inspite of the shown fact that, even inspite of the shown fact that your Tigers won. @Peter Jakovskiy: outstanding me if i’m incorrect, yet did no longer Lou Gehrig hit like 22 Grand Slams? i do no longer think of 10 is the american record.

1.Yankees- They have the best pitching staff in the league and getting Granderson was a big step for the Yankees because now they have more speed, power, and better defense.
2.Mets- They just acquired Bay, and it is likely they are also going to acquire Molina, and another starting pitcher. They will also be bringing back their stars from the DL.
3.Red Sox- It will be pretty tough for the Sox to win the AL East, even though they acquired Lackey because the Yankees acquired Granderson who has speed, defense, and power.
4.Phillies- Even though Halladay is their ace I think they will become 2nd in the NL East.
5.White Sox- They have Rios which was a great addition last year and they have great prospects and an amazing pitching staff and I bet they will pull it of next year.

Red Sox
Los Angeles Dodgers

1. Yankees
2. Red Sox
3. Mariners
4. Phillies
5. Cardinals

1. Yankees
2. Phillies
3. Red Sox
4. Mariners
5. Dodgers

1. Yankees.. lose Matsui/Damon.. get Granderson.
2. Phillies.. lose Lee, sign Halladay.
3. Dodgers.. Kemp and pitch staff get better.
4. Twins.. Can’t get rid of them.
5. Rangers.. Seattle signings/Angels losses.. Texas opportunity if Harden healthy.

Outside looking in: Red Sox, Mets, Rays, Mariners, Tigers.

1. Yankees
2. Phillies
4. Red Sox
5. Giants

Mariners, Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals, and Mets. Phillies get honorable mention.

edit: Lee isn’t the only guy the mariners have. They got Chone Figgins and he’s always been a threat to AL West teams.

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