Obama was already facing a lame duck Presidency, has this recent rash of scandals sealed that fate?

No. Obama is not a &quot:lame duck.&quot: Lame duck presidents are ones that have given up trying to implement their agenda, like George W. Bush after the Democrats swept the 2006 elections. Obama has not given up, and the recent scandals won’t make him to give up.

Conservatives just really hope that Obama does nothing as president and believe that if they just keep repeating their wishes over and over again, they will eventually come true. They are so partisan that they’d rather let our national problems fester than let a liberal get credit for fixing them. That’s what they really fear: all this talk about Obama turning America communist is just cover.

Edit: Conservative spin doctors misusing the term &quot:lame duck&quot: does not prove it can be used in other contexts. You need to wake up and stop thinking people with an obvious bias are being objective.

I wouldn’t count my chickens till their eggs hatch, we still have to get past the 2014 elections.
If somehow the Democrats can get a majority in the Congress, Obama won’t be a lame duck, just the opposite, he will be a force to contend with and God forbid if a Conservative Supreme Court Justice has to be replaced during that time.

Just because people have incorrectly expanded the definition of ‘lame duck&quot: to mean ANY politician who is no longer seeking re-election, does NOT change it from the TRUE meaning of one who’s replacement has already been chosen.

A freshly re-elected President is NOT a ‘lame-Duck&quot: A freshly Defeated one who has not yet been removed IS.

Mmmkay, cupcake?

The press, almost all of it, are finally reporting SOME of the crappola Obama has been commiting now for 5 bleeping years!
That is why HIGH-INFO voters have been wishing Moochelle would feed Barrak more bacon, eggs, butter and roast pork before he goes upstairs and toots his cocaine so his heart seizes up quicker.

No, the Republicans have been screaming about &quot:scandals&quot: for 5 years. This week is no different than any of the other &quot:scandals” that were going to be the end of Obama. Heck they did the exact same thing between 1993 and 2001. People are sick of hearing it and have tuned it all out.

Jimmy Carter is still the worst President, but there’s time, so his fate isn’t sealed yet.

Give it a couple weeks.

You don’t know what a lame duck president is, do you?

No he wasn’t.

At least not to anyone who knows what the term &quot:lame duck&quot: refers to.

These words….. do not mean what you think they mean.

More of a lame brain Presidency, I think.

What scandals? I haven’t heard of any. Only extremist delusions.

The IRS is investigating potential tax cheats. OH the SCANDAL! We should just let people and &quot:non-profits&quot: cheat on their taxes!

AP reveals classified information in some articles, and the DOJ wants to know who gave them the info. OH the SCANDAL! We should just let people who leak classified information get away with it!


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