McCain Supporters….Panicking Yet?

To all my dear &quot:Obama is toast&quot: McCain supporters who first thought he’d not win Iowa, then thought he’d never knock off Clinton, then thought Reverend Wright would sink him, then thought Clinton would never support him, then thought the convention would turn into chaos, then thought this, then thought that….

…here’s the painful (awww) facts.

It is only about 65 days to election day. Both tickets have been formed, and even after Palin was added to the ticket, today’s Rasmussen poll shows Obama up by 3% and Gallup shows him up by 6%. Intrade’s national betting line shows him a 61% likelihood to win, and that’s not democrat spinmeistering, that’s actual objective money bets.

Now to make matters worse, YOUR convention, is going to have to compete with a monsterous hurricane heading for New Orleans to make everyone remember round #2 of Republican incompetence, not to mention fight the convention for top billing on the news cycles.

On top of this, Obama’s inexperience has now been backed up by a VP choice that’s a 30+ year senate veteran with mounds of foreign policy experience.

YOUR canidate, who’s had cancer 3 times, has his 72 year old heartbeat insured by a woman 99% of America never heard of 5 days ago that was mayor of a 9,000 person Alaskan village 19 months ago, and in terms of a desperate bid to grab Clinton holdouts, she stands for virtually everything Hillary stands against…

So, with 65 days to go, you’re 4 or 5% down, your convention is fighting of all things Katrina Part 2, your VP is every bit as raw if not rawer than Obama with your main man setting the all time candidate age record, and worst of all, the way the electorate map breaks down, most analysts feel McCain has to beat Obama by about 2% nationally before he’s likely to have the electoral college advantage.

So please explain to me, with 65 days to go, no DNC convention disaster to bank on, no VP choice left to boost you or detract the democrats, how the HELL you think you’re gonna make up 7 to 8% on Obama in the next 65 days?

With regards to the hurricane, any Democrat who is cheering this hurricane (I’m looking at your post and Michael Moore, here) and how it will &quot:interfere&quot: with Republican convention had BETTER think again.

Here’s the God’s honest truth: The Republicans play the spin game better than the Democrats do.

Gov. Rick Perry giving a speech remotely from Texas because he had to stay there to help with the refugee situation is pure gold.
And Gov. Jindal giving a remote speech with a howling storm outside his windows while he stays put in LA to deal with the storm is visual platinum (and his Obama 2004 convention moment to catapult him into rising star status).
And I don’t even know what you would rate McCain giving a remote acceptance speech with a Red Cross tent in the background (plus all the commercials for the next 8 weeks showing his accepting among the needs and danger of the storm contrasted to Obama’s accepting among the well-lit Greek columns and adoring fans–talk about solidifying your &quot:he’s a spoiled, do nothing celebrity&quot: message).

Who knows what they’ll wind up doing with it, but I wouldn’t dare be so brash as to assume it will be a bad thing for them until after the fact. It may be a boon. I have a feeling they will spin this as getting their hands dirty with actual solutions to actual problems while contrasting themselves to the bright lights and party atmosphere the Dems had.

Depending on polls, McCain is up by 2 or down by 4. There is NO clear leader and this attitude of hubris and acting like it is already in the bag is PRECISELY the Democrats biggest Achilles’ heel this November.There are 8 LONG weeks to go and if the Democrats want to win this, they need to lose the attitude, stick to the issues over silly &quot:who’s baby is it anyway&quot: attacks, and be prepared to work HARD and constantly right up through the election.

This hubris doesn’t intimidate McCain supporters, it rallies them. It plays into their hands.


The Conservative base is coming out to vote and now over 65% of the independent voters are now picking McCain.

We’re not worried and both McCain and Palin will be speaking at the RNC which will take place sooner or later.

You’re also forgetting that there are 3 debates remaining where Obama has no chance against McCain and 1 VP debate where Palin will put Biden in his place.

Alot can happen from here until the Election Day.

You are really going to sit there and celebrate a natural disaster for disrupting the RNC? That is just plain sick!

There is no attempt to &quot:compete&quot: with a storm, McCain and the rest of the republican leadership have put campaigning and the convention aside to assist the people of the Gulf Coast. Maybe you should too. People’s lives are at stake here, and you only see a political talking point.

Ask Mondale, Kerry,Gore and Dukakis how reliable polls are

All enjoyed much larger leads at this point than Obama has

Remember any of those Presidents?

And this hurricane wont be nearly as bad

A republican is gov of that state now and doing his job unlike the democrat that was in office for Katrina

Hey dumbass they said all the same things about Bush Both times. And guess who got Elected. Face it Mcain will win and even if he suffers a heart attack and dies id rather have Palin 4 Prez Then obama. P.S. Palin is Badass and a perfect choice

BRAVO! Enough said. To bad TOOL cant respond to a question without calling names……must be a republican.

so, republicans are to blame for hurricane gustav too!!! LOL!! You’re funny! Oh I’m sorry, I mean Katrina part 2… Let’s change The USA!!! Yay!

P.S. Why hasn’t Obama stopped the hurricane?? I thought that maybe he, of all people, could and would!

They have been panicking for months now and with this story or rumor of Palin possibly pretending to give birth to her 16 year old daughter’s baby.

This thing could blow wide open and Obama could win by default.


why would anyone panic? he picked a woman with executive experience,who has strong values,didn’t stab friends in the back to rise in politics and went after corruption in her own party.the republican v.p. choice is more qualified then the democratic presidential candidate. wait until debtes,she is what you see,not an empty suit like obama

Ur a bit off with your numbers. McCain went up one point since yesterday

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