Marriage is a sacred institution that should not be infringed on by same sex unions. Agree or disagree? Why?

We are already losing sight of what marriage means: the divorce rate proves it. When the tradition family unit breaks down, the society breaks at its foundation, and other moral issues become blurred. The struggle for the right to marry for same sex couples will only give rise to another issue, polygamists. I believe same sex couples should have plenty of rights, but the benefits of marriage cannot be afforded to them. I don’t hate same sex couples. I just believe that marriage is crossing the line. Marriage simply wasn’t created for them. I’m not against calling their union something else. Just don’t let my kids grow up in a society where marriage is demoralized, and futile unions give rise to wrong ideas of love, sex, and procreation.

perhaps homosexuals can do a better job at the sacred institution then heterosexuals are doing at 50 percent divorce rate…….doesn’t sound like it’s so sacred to me……..

Homosexuals have been denied the equal right to marry for so long that many have grown to aspire to marriage as a triumph over being regarded as fourth class citizens their entire lives. Heterosexuals have had the luxury of taking marriage for granted.

If someone feels that the stability or &quot:sanctity&quot: of their marriage relationship is seriously threatened by gay marriage, perhaps they have other issues.

Any couple of any gender that can keep a relationship together for 8 years is &quot:beating the odds&quot: for divorce.

Face the ugly statistics: heteros have not done all that well in keeping things together. Why should they claim the right to set standards?

Your over looking 1 thing with the law and marriage and who should have the right and who shouldnt.

Same sex couple’s dont have physical intercourse with minors , so polygamy will never be legal for the simple fact that to many involve children as young as 8 being married off to guys old enough to be their grand-father or great grand-father.

Same sex couple’s should have AS much right as male/woman couple’s do , because there is no pedophelia involved and they are just like the rest of us , they meet , they date , they fall in love , they buy a house , if their female they have babies , if their male they are afforded the right to adopt as a couple so why not let them have the right to become man/man , woman / woman married couple?

your biased opinion on this shines through you are but 1 person who has never seen into the lives of these people , I have plenty of gay friends both male and female , and most of them show more respect and love then any normal male/female marriage i know so how about ya go out mingle , mix and see how they live instead of hiding behind the pc judging something you obviously dont understand?.

As for demoralizing , drug abusers , partner abusers demoralise marriage as it is why should they be given the right to marry , you also want to throw in criminal’s as well people who spend years in jail and then get out and try to become part of normal society so should they be allowed to marry?Look at the wide picture if your going to cut people’s right’s.

Peace out.

Marriage is about love. If you love someone what does it matter? My best Friend nanny’s for a lesbian couple of twins (and pregnant with another set!) and they are the nicest people I have ever met and their kids will turn out great. I never feel fear for my children or my children’s children when I’m around them, I feel happy because they are truly in love. If anything is going to demoralize marriage its more likely to be the thousands of couples who stay in it everyday not feeling an ounce of love or romance in their lives. A family is a family regardless of what race, sex, or what have you. I’m sorry but I strongly disagree with you marriage is about love and I really believe that to be true.

completely disagree. i’m not a lesbian or anything but i just believe marriage is a choice and you have no control over if you are born homosexual bisexual or heterosexual what happens happens. i completely agree with you that marriage is a sacred &quot:institution&quot:, but marriage is also about being happy for the rest of your life with the person you choose. so if a man marries a man or a woman marries a woman who cares? are they interfereing in YOUR life by being different? well guess whatthey are human, all humans are different. and if you don’t mind changing the name of marriage to something else for same-sex couples, well ur just alienating them more. just because their different does not give reason to shun them or take away their rights to marry.
my best friend is gay so this matter is very important to him.

Disagree. I would love to know how a legal contract has anything to do with the sexes of the people entering into it.

We have Seperation of Church and State. If you want to make wedding vows to your loved one in a religious ceremony, ok. If your religion refuses to perform same sex weddings, ok. However, please remember that marriage is not just a religious institution. It is also a legal contract.

I do not believe same sex marriages devalue marriage at all. I do not believe Polygamy should be illegal. Why? Because Polygamists believe that God asks them to be Polygamists. Its not our government’s place to deny anyone a religious freedom. It is also not religions place to deny anyone the freedom to enter into a legal agreement.

I love my kids and I want them to grow up in a world where everyone can marry as they choose and we do not judge them. My kids have never been told that someone else’s life choice is wrong, just different.

Marriage is not such a sacred institution anymore. More and more couples are coming to someone like myself to get married. I perform civil,non religious ceremonies for a living and I also perform same sex ceremonies as a civil union.

Disagree. If marriage is so sacred, why do more than 50% of marriages end in divorce? If marriage is so sacred, why can a pop tart like Britney Spears get married more often than changes her panties? Besides, gays have every right to get married and be just as miserable as straight people.

WTF yes it is a mute point because gays and lesbian couples are living together anyway with children…if we don’t let them marry then that will mess up the economy on several different levels such as on taxes, inheritance laws, and spousal privilege for insurance. I’m sure the insurance companies are against it because it’s cheaper when you have family coverage vs. single coverage. Yes I think being gay is morally wrong, but so are a lot of other things in this country. If we are suppose to be a land of freedom that means that we have the right to live whatever lifestyle we choose as long as it does not harm ourselves or others.

I disagree.
I think that marriage should be extended to same sex couples as well.
I believe that everyone has the right to persue happines and in my opinion marriage is another stage in the persuit of happiness.

If marriage is sacred institution why do people cheat? That is far more disrespectful to marriage than allowing two commited individuals to have a relationship.

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