LeBron Fans: How many games does the Lakers have to win more than the Cavs to justify giving Kobe the MVP?

I would say if both of their stats don’t change and the Lakers get homecourt throughout, and win more than 5 games than the Cavs, Kobe should be MVP.

Let hear your #s.

STAR if you like 🙂 STAR if you don’t like 🙁

BQ: Will Cavs stretch out their lead on the East or Will the Celtics keep this thing close or maybe even take over??

As I have said before, I think that on that subject the NBA has a script that they would like to follow and although I think it will be close at the end between the 2 of them they will just give it to Lebron. I think Kobe is mo0re deserving because he has shown more leadership and cluth presence than Lebron plus the Lakers swept the Cavs and Celtics, which has a lot of importance in a close season when it comes to home court advantage. I would really be surprised if someone that is not Lebron takes it this year.

I am not sure about that. Because Bulls had the best record in 1996-97 with 69-13, But Karl Malone dethroned Jordan. Celtics are still playing strong, they beat Suns by 20 points without Amare, and themselves without KG. If Lakers want to win the championship, first thing I am 100% sure they have to get NBA best record.

I think maybe 5-10.
BQ: I think they will lead East and meet Lakers vs Cavs in finals Lakers win 4-2

Even if the Lakers win the rest of thier Games LeBron will still Win MVP.

Zero, LeBron’s going to win the MVP(it’s always decide by the media, and guess who the media backs up?)

LeBron’s Finals MVP will be stolen by Kobe.

Lebron is the entire Cavs team, Kobe has Gasol, Fisher, and Odom to help him. Lebron is doing more as an individual player than Kobe.

So maybe LBJ will win the MVP.

MC, you’re so biased. LeBron James was dominating the league since the season started, Kobe wasn’t. Kobe was struggling throughout the season until he starts wore his new shoe..I guess you gonna use the excuse that Kobe swept LeBron’s team this season, but what about last season and the year before that? I don’t care if Kobe’s team finishes with 10 more games than LeBron’s Cavs, LeBron James deserved more because he’s been very productive all-around all season long unlike Kobe..

I agree with you. I look foward to the MVP race this year!

I think it ultimately comes down to which team has more wins than the other. Because their numbers are right their. We just need to see which team is going to cross the finish line first.

Kobe is a better player but LeBron is more important to his team

i think homecourt adv
will determine the mvp

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