Is this too many miles for a Infiniti G35 sedan?

I was interested in an Infiniti car, it’s a 2006 Infiniti G35 Sedan, with 113,335. It’s used, needless to say, but I was wondering if it was too many miles.

I appreciate your answers. Thank you.

I wouldn’t flinch at 113k. This is a pretty sturdy powertrain, and, as previously noted, highway miles are not quite as hard on a car as around-town stuff. There will be maintenance costs, of course, but you’re going to get those no matter what you buy.

My I30 (slightly-smaller version of same engine) still runs like new at 132k, and I expect it to continue to do so for quite some time.

Don’t buy it. I’ve owned 3 Infiniti G35 Coupes. These cars have oil consumption problems &amp: usually heavy expenses goes down the drain due to worn out parts too. For instance, the valve cover issue. Infiniti doesn’t make gaskets for the valve covers bc the gasket itself is built inside the valve cover: therefore, you have to replace the whole valve cover(x2). And second of all, that’s just WAY too much miles for a 06. Just my opinion due to experience.

yes, it has about twice as many as it should. it should get about 12k every year, this one has about 24k for every year. look into it more though, if the car was mostly on the highway all its life, chances are that they miles didnt wear the engine out as much as city miles. it is a European car, which breaks easier and is more expensive to fix tho. it really depends on how much you know about cars tho, if you dont know much like 90% of ppl these days, i wouldnt buy it unless its a steal

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