Cat keeps peeing in different locations other than the litter box?

I have had my female tortoiseshell cat for about one year and a half, she is almost two years. She is spayed and declawed also. I also have another cat, about nine years old who uses the litter box just fine. It’s only the younger cat who is having this problem.

She has just recently started peeing in three of our office chairs- two leather and one suede. There are three different litter boxes scattered in different places of the house and they have always been in the same spot since before we even got her, so she knows where they are at. She uses the litter boxes too, but still seems to want to pee in the seat of these three chairs, usually a different one each day.

It started off with her just laying and sitting in them but in recent weeks she has progressed to peeing on them. I have absolutely no idea why and have begun placing objects and pillows etc, just to keep her off of them. But she still finds a way to pee.

I do not have the money to take her to the vet to get a medical exam unless i have an inclination it could be something medical instead of behavioral. I do not know if it could be a UTI or other bladder problems but she doesn’t seem to be peeing in any other place but these chairs, and sometimes the litter box.

If any body can give me any ideas on how to prevent this from happening, or if something might be wrong, please help me!!! I do not want to get rid of this cat, but i do not know what to do.

Part of having animals is being able to make a trip to the vet if needed. You can’t put aside their problems until it is too late, not pertaining to just this question but to any problems in general.

She may, may not have UTI, but you should save up some money and take her to the vet to find out.
One of our local shelters does a Q&amp:A on t.v. every Saturday and they have said that when a cat has, or has had a UTI, the litter box or the placement of the litter box can be a reminder of the pain and discomfort of it (the UTI). IF that’s what it is and she is being treated, you could try moving the litter box to another location, it doesn’t have to be far, or getting a new one.

They also said that most household carpet/upholstery cleaners don’t get the smell of urine out and the cat can still smell it. There is some special cleaner that is supposed to get the smell out (don’t know the name) but it might not work on your leather chairs.

I’m going to say that the vet is the first place you should be going to for answers. Good luck.

its marking terrirory, you need to make it smell bad so they dont go near it…

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