Should we stop eating Mexican food over its ties to Mexican drug cartels?

The &quot:Mexican&quot: food in this country is probably Greek.

No, because you are stealing culture or Misappropriating culture if you are not Mexican. I no longer can eat a burrito because I am not Hispanic and that is against PC! The BS is getting deeper and deeper.

the terrorists have won

Tell mommy its time for your medication

You’d be racist for doing that. Because you’re showing a lack of respect for their culture.

And of course if you love burritos and like to make them at home, some on the left will accuse you of cultural appropriation

So, because we have so many politically active brain damaged people in America, you’re pretty much screwed either way

I stopped eating that crud years ago. 157 versions of the enchilada is not good food. Corn meal sucks.

Hell no! And I’m not giving up kebabs and shawarma either!

No. Won’t help anything.


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