how many miles per gallon does your car or cars get?

I have a Yaris and I get 40 miles per gallon.

I get 34-36 miles per gallon. However, keep in mind it depends on the way you drive as to how many miles per gallon you’ll get.

I have a Honda CR-V, that gets about 22 miles per gallon.
Our Odyssey van gets about 17 miles per gallon.
My son’s Honda Civic gets about 36 miles per gallon.
My Yamaha XS1100LG gets about 40 miles per gallon.
My ’69 Roadrunner gets about 15 miles per gallon.

about 30 miles to the gallon have an 11 gallon gas tank and get 325 miles out of it

Not nearly enough…

01 Honda Accord 20-26 city 28-32 highway

But that’s according to the EPA which has been found to be less than completely accurate at calculating MPG

how is it i have a 10 gallon tank
gas is 3.89
but somehow it took me $47 to fill up my tank today

i have no idea how many miles to the gallon
but a tank last me 6 days

about 46-52

I have an ’03 Kia Spectra, I have no idea but gas seems to last a long time since I don’t drive it that much -which is good because we’re paying around $4.50 gal here in Chgo..!

1998 honda accord with a 3.0 liter v6, ram air intake and piggy back Apex’i fuel controller and depending on how i set my mixture i can get anywhere from 29 at minimal horsepower to 15 with maximum

car 37: truck 17

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