Do you dislike both the republican and democratic party?

I personally have not voted for either party in over a couple decades. Always a third party me.

Any reasonable person does.

Most people view one as more noble than the other. In that, they believe choosing the lesser of two evils is their only true option. That sort of thinking has led to two massive parties controlling our government. Which is a self corrupting process.

My sentiment is growing to be more like yours.

I dislike the Democrats with their loaded disdain and divisiveness and rapid treatment all solutioning to issues…Eg (government will conceal it) and (Legislative government in the abode). I dislike the Republicans with the aid of fact of their naive panderous procedures approximately resolving issues, strikes on words. i like truthfully no longer something approximately Democrats now. The final real democrat (D. GA Zelly Miller). i like Republicans attitude in direction of common-sense values and private sector (real GDP) and willingness to maintain government ordinary! (united states of america First). Oh, the TEA IZ ME!!!

I dislike both of them.
It seems that they are always trying to point out flaws in each other. They need to take a step back and look at themselves. Things would run so much smoother in government if they did. Also, each party holds their needs above the needs of the people, which is the exact opposite of what they should be doing.

Seems like you’ve spent a lot of time sitting on a bus that doesn’t move:

You need to go to X and there are 3 buses at your starting point:

Bus A is going close to X, but you’ll have to walk a bit to actually get there.

Bus B is going no where near X.

Bus C is scheduled to go to X, but the tires are missing, the hood is up, and the driver looks like he might be dead.

Which bus do you get on?

Its not who you vote for, its who you vote against. Not voting or voting for a third party is a waste of your time whether you like it of not.

Star for you…

YUP I have a very bad taste in my yap from Both parties…

It took both parties for them to pass the laws that are destroying America… NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, PATRIOT ACT, TSA and the NDAA..

I vote out all incumbents every time… No matter which scumbag party they choose to lie to us about…. By doing this it will break up the Good old boys networks of Liars and deceivers in WDC… We ALL need to do this for it to work so We Americans need to work together and tell WDC to kiss our rosy red @$$e$…

Did that sound a bit harsh and offensive??????

G O O D… It was meant to…


Republicans – Too much war mongering and different lifestyle hating. Also liars about being fiscally conservative

Democrats – They have no respect for people keeping the fruits of their labors. They think success is just luck and are too ridden with white guilt

Well, that should probably get me all thumbs down =)

I am Up and down with Democrats but despise Republicans

Yes. That is why I am an ex-Republican..now an Independent.

Yes, the GOP lies too much and the Democrats cave too easily.

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