CBB-Michelle &quot: I ACTUALLY can’t take it anymore !!&quot: ?

How many times do you think michelle has said i actually cant take it anymore since shes been in the house?? im thinking about 50??

About 84 times is my guessing…….I mean if her head is that done in…….gooooooooooooooooooo!

All an act me thinks!

That’ll be her motto now, she says it that often! If she meant what she said, she’d have walked like Mutya did. It’s all part of Michelle’s game plan and did you notice that she was ok after making up with Coolio, up until Tina was evicted. Afterwards she must have thought her whinging must have endeared her to the public, so she started it up again!

Maybe she should just stab coolio in the leg or something!

Its big bros fault!!! they have put coolio, a big black crazy gezza in the most boring ******* house going!!! and they expect nobody to start crying!!! hahaha much love xxx

I can’t take listening to her whinging shite anymore, FFS why has nobody through ice water over the hysterical bint???

on a serious note shes just taking it too far a proper drama queen..shes just too much of mammys girl and needs to wake the **** up =)

God ano it seams a lot but its probs only like 20. She has to get a grip man

But she ACTUALLY can’t though…ACTUALLY.

As a rough guess…I’d say around 73. All she ever does is cry. BORRRRINGGG.

I know. I can’t figure out the reason why she is crying tonight.

Too many times for my liking….

She KNEW what she was getting in to…..

If she was so desperately unhappy in there she’d have walked by now !!

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