Why ask inane questions about the peace prize?

The group which decides the winner of the nobel peace prize is a private group that can give out their private award to whomever they wish without needing to explain it to anyone. It isn’t an election, it is an award. Why try to politicize this when their are real issues at hand?

Because we can, especially when it comes to such an inane President being given an award he has done nothing to earn.

Simple as that.

Because the group has always had an obvious bias and people will always complain about that, despite the fact that it is legitimate.

But with this year it’s a little more than that. We are talking about someone who was pretty much nominated before he had even really done anything yet. Out of the 200 nominees, many of which may have been working for years on whatever it was they were nominated for, the committee chooses Obama who hasn’t done anything simply for the publicity. Ridiculous, even Al Gore’s peace prize is more legit.

There are over a 100 questions in the last hour not only on the topic, but phrased in the same way. Inane people ask the same inane question. That’s sort of a definition of the word inane.

I hear ya! You would think Obama just won a world wide election or something. What a waist of time and effort to go on and on and on and on and on….

I left Y!A this morning in hopes this blarney would be done when I returned – I see now that I’ve returned too soon.

You are right. There have been too many questions about this. Obama is not a peace monger. Fact, but who cares about any award other than Super Bowl MVP. That is the award we should be debating.

Don’t change the subject. you act as if Obama had no control over whether he received the award or not. This is clearly not the case, as he accepted it.

if obama found a cure for cancer this afternoon, by this evening the republicans would be denouncing him for destroying free enterprise because cancer centers would have to close.

@ &quot:likely story&quot:… carter was awarded the nobel primarily for the camp david accords, which effectively brought an end to a 3000 year war between israel and egypt. thanks to him, two former enemies now enjoy normal if somewhat chilly diplomatic relations.

see matthew 5:9.

@ warren… they do. he admits he doesn’t deserve it. i admit he doesn’t deserve it. but none of us gets to pick who gets the prize and to decline it would be insulting. but the level of venom being directed his way over this of all issues is unforgivable.

You make a valid point, but I think the people that are asking what did he do to deserve it have a valid point also.

Well, if Obama actually DEALT with the real issues, instead of making all his TV appearances on Letterman, flying all over the world apologizing for America, wasting his time on the Olympics and hob-knobbing with his socialist pals like Chavez…maybe people would feel more like he earned it.

Let’s see…9 months in office, and he met with his General in charge of Afghanistan for a whole 30 minutes! Maybe THAT’S why people tend to politicize this! Maybe he should learn exactly what his priorities should be!

Because people with brains usually attribute the Peace Prize with actual results, not intentions and mere words.

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