Should the US treat Mexico like Israel treats Palestine?

The US can attribute the acts of Mexican drug lords to the Mexican people in the same way that Israel attributes the acts of a small number of terrorists to all of the Palestinian people. Then the US can go in an blow up all of the Mexican buildings within a mile of the border, install cement walls and establish a blockade to prevent Mexico from importing any tools that could be used to build tunnels.

It isn’t the same.
So far, we don’t have rockets shelling the US from Mexico: nor do we have Mexican suicide bombers looking for the best place to blow up defenseless women and children.
The Mexican government has never said that the USA should not exist, or that it should all be part of Mexico.
No, the USA’s relationship with Mexico is not comparable to Israel’s relationship with Gaza.

I told you once the TC doesn’t stand for too cool. Ranting up the racial agenda I see. You see maby the problem is not Mexicans alone maby Hondurans, Salvadorians, Columbians, and Middle East extremest slipping through. Go ahead and Rant people like you just want to accuse people and not suffer the consequences when something happens, then point a finger and reverse your decision and not admit to being wrong. Jew Hater, using this as a point to talk bad about Israel.

We need to treat our neighbor to the south as we treat our neighbor to the north (Canada). We check out Canadians’ passports and visas as they come into the country….which is what we need to do with the Mexicans or anyone entering our country from our southern borders. If they are coming in at places other than checkpoints there must be a reason…….and for those we need to check a little more thoroughly! I don’t think we need to blow up any buildings in Mexico yet!

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Unless u want to hear about terrorist groups like Hamas i dont advice. Maybe a big high tech fence, and death punishments for drug traffickers will do the job

The people of Mexico should fight to take back their country because it is a failed state their government has failed them its president is a gangster supported by drug lords oh wait that’s right they have gun control there they can’t fight back ohwell

Mexicans just need to leave us alone and fix their own problems in their dam country without making it another countrie’s problems. Then people say that America gets in everyones bussiness. Probably because they make all their **** our business. They act like we the geek squad or something and suppose to solve all their problems

No, but I do believe we need to ramp up our defense along the border. Our Border Patrol has been attacked. The problem is too many liberals are too sympathetic. If someone attacks our border patrol, they get offended that our border patrol defend themselves.

No, we’re not quite as evil and barbaric as the Neocon Zionists that rule Israel.

what about the other way around?
the palestinians are getting what they repeatedly asked for.

so i guess my answer is why the hell not?

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