Is Vince just keeping Cena face so that kids will buy his merchandise?

Cos’ if Cena turns heel then his younger fans might not want to buy his merchandise. Does Vince care more about his and Cena’s royalties than Cena’s fanbase?

John Cena – He could be so much better than he is at the minute, at the minute he comes out and does the nearly same thing every week and the marine gimmick is going stale now. Everyone is begging WWE to turn him back into the doctor of thuganomics/rapping gimmick because it suits him better and he got more of a crowd reaction than he does now. It appealed to a more mature fanbase, now this marine gimmick is attracting the majority of 12 year olds and under, whereas his previous even attracted the likes of 16 year olds.

John Cena is really nice outside of wrestling, cares for his fans and acts as a good role model for them.

Plus he’s a face and he gets booed: that’s just plain pathetic, the way it is meant to work is that the faces get cheered and the heels get booed. But it’s working a whole different way in this situation. Although you can hear a hoard of cheers from the crowd, you can sometimes still slightly even hear the boos, hell in some cases with Cena you could easily hear the boos, like these events for instance:

But to keep John Cena’s respect intact which he kinda deserves, I have wrote this:

John Cena because he is fun, funny, charismatic, a good brawler and powerhouse and knows how to get a crowd hyped up.

For all John Cena haters I have found a way to debunk all of your comments:
You all say these about John Cena:

1. His title reign was far too long and he gets too many title shots: Triple H, The Rock and JBL’s title reigns went on for ages and I don’t hear you complain about them. They also get (Except The Rock) loads of title shots and you seem to leave those superstars out when you criticise Cena. And it isn’t like every match he gets is a main event, contender or title match.

2. His moveset is boring, he has a limited no. of moves and uses the same ones nearly every single match: Hey have you seen the people who use really simple moves like just punches and simple grapples like Mark Henry and Big Daddy V. Their movesets are hardly amusing, at least Cena puts some effort into his moves. Yet you fail to abuse them like you do to Cena. Plus John Cena is sometimes a mid carder with the jbl feud. In addition it is partly the trainers fault regarding Cena’s moveset.

3. His marine gimmick is crap: Changing his gimmick is good because it gives the fans something new, although his previous gimmick attracted more older fans and I prefer it, the wwe company partly told him how to do his gimmick.

In addition, how can you say that he gets the hell booed out of him when he has a hell of a lot of hype going and probably the most merchandise going.

Also his mic skills and charisma are outstanding, after all that is what wwe mostly about! More than wrestling abilty I think!

I think Cena has:

-technical skill
-mic skill
-overall skill

People just want him to turn heel because they think he has been a good guy for far too long and his heel character appeals to older fans whereas his new one mostly appeals to younger fans.

But I still like him as my favourite wrestler, even though I would love it if he changed to his thuganomics gimmick again since I think it was better, more interesting and it appealed to my age more.

But nonetheless, I think he is a fantastic wrestler.

So if WWE reading this: please turn John Cena heel and back into the doctor of thuganomics for the sake of his fanbase, popularity and respect.

Thank you very much.

Okay, I’m in no way a Cena hater, but I dislike him as a wrestler.

Vince cares about $$$ and nothing more. Cena would be respected more as a heel by older fans, but does Vince care? No. He knows that less kids will buy a heel superstars merchandise, and therefore is not going to turn him heel until there’s a decline in productivity.

I know Cena is a good guy outside of wrestling, that’s why I respect him as a person. It doesn’t mean I like him as a wrestler.

And yes, he’s not getting more boos. It’s pretty obvious that if a lot of fully grown men are booing, and little kids are cheering, then the booing is going to be a lot more audible. People have a right to free opinions, and if this is their opinion then fair enough. You can’t force people into liking a certain wrestler, they either do or they don’t.

This is what I have to say about your comments.
1) His title reign was far too long and he gets too many title shots.
Okay I’ll start with JBL. He is one of the most disliked guys in the WWE, everybody dislikes him and everyone deals with that. Because everyone knows that JBL is a jerk, they don’t bother posting Q’s saying so. Cena on the other hand, has a very split audience. Many love him, many hate him. That’s where the controversy comes from.

HHH is a good wrestler and entertaining on the mic. Cena is entertaining on the mic but he can’t wrestle to the standard of HHH. And you have to remember HHH’s great history with the WWE: his days with DX and so on. That is why he never gets insulted.

The Rock is possibly the most hilarious guy to ever step between the ropes. He had decent wrestling skills, but what was really amazing was the fact that he could have the whole crowd in stitches with the stuff he said on the mic.

2) His moveset is boring, he has a limited no. of moves and uses the same ones nearly every single match.
In response to your comments regarding BDV and Mark Henry, could you please inform me of people who actually like either of these guys? The only reason people talk about them less is because they aren’t constantly main eventing like Cena. Say hypothetically, that BDV was main-eventing Raw. People would go beserk!

3) His marine gimmick is crap.
Changing the gimmick CAN be good, but it isn’t always for the better: there have been failed gimmicks previously in WWE and this is just a classic example. At the time of Cena being heel, I think fans were quite content with him. His gimmick change really made the respect for him lower.

He gets the hell booed out of him because he isn’t an able wrestler. Merchandise means nothing in terms of skill. The majority of people who buy his stuff are 13 and under, and many of them don’t know a great deal about wrestling.

Yes, his mic skills are very good there’s no denying that. But being good on the mic does not cover up wrestling flaws, of which Cena has many.

-strength. Yes he does, but so does the majority of the WWE roster. It doesn’t make them more able as wrestlers.
-charisma. Yes he is very charismatic. But again, this doesn’t make him more able.
-technical skill. No he doesn’t. HBK, Chris Jericho and John Morrison have technical skill. John Cena will never be able to chain wrestle, mat wrestle, or put in any decent submission holds. Those are qualities of a technical wrestler.
-mic skill – Yes he does.
-popularity – Disputed. He has popularity from a certain area of WWE supporters, but many others don’t like him. So for overall popularity, no.
-overall skill – Honestly no. Overall skill would be him dipping in and out of different types of wrestling: technical, submission, powerhouse, etc. Cena is a brawler with a few powerhouse moves. And nothing more.

I’m not trying to change your opinions, I’m just trying to be the voice of the haters. I can see their reasoning for disliking him.

Those same kids get their parents to take them to House Shows, Live events and Pay Per Views. WWE looks at them as paying customers, can you blame them? I don’t get worked up over John Cena like many other people seem to on Yahoo Answers. As a Wrestler, I can probably name several hundred wrestlers in ROH, FIP, AAA, CMLL, NJPW, PWH, Dragons Gate and other wrestling promotions who have more wrestling holds and moves. He cannot compare for example to Kenta, Brian Danielson, Nigel McGuinness, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. If all those older fans are going to go to House Shows, Live Events, Pay Per Views and buy John Cena Merchandise in the same quantities as the kids do, then maybe they will change his character. His Character being the way he is has gotten him commercials and endorsements. If you don’t like him, who is to say you have to. This is a free country.

Yes! He sucks as a wrestler but he brings in the most money from merchandise so they keep him at the top. So this keeps people with good wrestling skills such as William Regal, Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy and Paul Burchill at the Low to Mid Card

I think its the opposite, you see John Cena is like the IWC’s god, he started hanging out with Zack Ryder in those RAW Interviews we saw and Ryder was liked by the IWC, same thing goes with Evan Bourne, he wanted Bourne to get him a bigger role on tv(a move he’s probably regretting right now), and he personally requested to work a program with Punk when they thought he was going out the door, and if it hadn’t been for that, Punk wouldn’t even be in the WWE right now, much less in the situation he’s in, where he stands a good chance of being permanently ingrained into the main event scene. What Im saying is that the IWC tends to shift around alot with different wrestlers, like what they did to CM Punk, Zack Ryder and other wrestlers in the same boat as them, but I don’t feel the same way with John Cena, its like the IWC immunes John Cena because of him attempting to push everything the IWC Wants.

ur right, what batista said on moner day about people the over the age of 15 would love to see batista kick cenas a**, (batista kinda sucks 2 though lol) ….
Cena’s wwe charactor will allways be the one who ruined the wwe 4 ever! But i respect him out of the wwe

This money is and always will run by MONEY

Ofcourse Cena is being sold properly

He wont be turnin heel for a while

Vince wants the $MONEY$

Cena’s loved by both women and children

pretty much you covered your own question lol

but it is true he shoves him right in our face’s but vince has a new goal
and that is little kids.

i wonder what happened to the vince that treated everyone like golden

i believe so and cause he is popular as a face and i think if WWE was smart they would send him to FCW and let him get somemore training done

That’s they only reason he still a face

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