3 year old with a speech delay?

My 3 year old has a speech delay. It seems like he is always progressing in the speech area but, he is still mostly not understandable by other people than myself and my husband. What is normal for a 3 year old? I would say less than half of his words are understandable and clear.

get him into a speech therapist ASAP/

Our son, now age 6 did not speak a word until he was 3 years old. We also had an assessment done and after much pushing and assessing found that due to fluid on the ears he could not hear well. He also had behavior problems due to frustration, over not being able to express himself which led to numerous &quot:melt downs&quot:. We had tubes put in the ears, and began speech therapy at age 4 (according to special services he did not have enough of a delay , 24 month delay to qualify sooner). He is now in Kindergarten and doing very well. He is still in speech through the school district. The behavior has also gotten better. Speech delay and behavior problems go hand in hand. I know it is hard, but keep pushing. You are your child’s biggest advocate.

Get in touch with Your school system to see if there is a program for him to get speech therapy.
My grandaughter was behind in her speech &amp: we had her in a speech therapy program thru the school from 3 to 4 years old.She started Pre-K this year &amp: now she does’nt need the therapy anymore.
Now she’s a motor mouth LOL!
I also had her repeat alot of her talking &amp: that helped some.The teacher also said she was talking too fast &amp: needed to slow down to get it out right.
Good Luck!

he may have a speech impediment. I grew up with a lisp and got picked on so bad by others (adults included…yes, thinking it’s cute and asking a child to say Thuperman is picking on them) I got to the point where I just wouldn’t speak. Thank goodness for our neigbor who recognized the problem. I went through speach therapy (provided by the school, so it was free) and today I no longer have a lisp and loooove to talk!

You probably need to take your child to be evaluated. Your childs doctors office could probably recommend a place. Here’s something that might give you some more information…


maybe he has a speech problem you know with the slurded words

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