Where in the Bible is Christian Rock music referred to as &quot:an abomination&quot:?

It’s GOT to be in there somewhere…I mean it’s WAY more of an abomination than things like homosexuality…

LOL. The Jewish view is that we honour G-d by using beautiful things to perform mitzvot. It’s such a well known practice that it was difficult finding a source text for you. One site relates it to &quot:This is my G-d and I will praise him’. (Exodus 15:2)

Whichever verse it’s linked to, the practice is an important reminder to take time to consider how we do things as well as what we do, that the details do matter. When we do something shoddily, we demean it.

it’s probably there with the bits like &quot:thou shalt cherry-pick&quot:
I like some Christian rock groups tbh

Isn’t it all a matter of interpretation of what the good news can be made to say?

the Code in the original Hebrew spells out stuff about the coming of Stryper
and Amy Grant

None of that is in the Bible

…..or homosexual Rock music ?

huh? kidding right?

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