Obama has a 68 percent approval rating, are expectations to high for Obama?

according to gallup Obama has a 68% approval rating in the USA and 89 percent world wide is expectations to high for Obama?


haha what a joke, he is not even president yet. according to the constitution you are not until you are sworn in on Jan. 20th. These polls mean nothing. He has not done 1 thing


He’s not in office yet.

At least give him a few months in office before you Cons start bashing him.

Doesn’t he actually have to take office before you start butchering his approval rating

Well if Bush is at 22-27%… and Obama is the Anti Bush then yea that sounds about right-

Whatever goes up, goes down.

Wingnut is an empty suit, and soon ALL WILL BE REVEALED.

Everyone recently elected starts out like this…it’s called the ‘honeymoon period’. Give it time. It is by Obama’s actions that he will be judged.

68% lier

Forty percent (40%) of U.S. voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is handling his new role as president-elect.

Yeah Thumbs down its only the truth!

It is way high compared to Bush’s 25%. The difference is the Brain.

There’s no way to know BEFORE he gets started… is there? I think he is smart to manage expectations for what he will be able to achieve.

Marina: Its higher than Clinton or Bush achieved coming into office. Bitter, party of one…

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