Is your yahoo answers account secret from your family and friends – If yes, then why? If no, then tell reason?

Well my account is secret and non of my family or friends knowing about it. I never prefer to share on fb or invite friends in Y/A because I ask many questions in family and relationship and other forums and I don’t want anyone to stalk on me and know about my personal life or my thinking. So this is me.

Tell me whats your take on this. Do you ever tell anyone about your Y/A username and account. If anyone of your known people also join Y/A do you fear that they might come accross your post. Also do you wish that your spouse come to know about your Y/A account and what questions you have asked.

This account I’m using now, I do. I’m friends with my sister on here actually. None of my friends have one though.
If I do need to ask a private or embarrassing question though I just make a really quick account just for that question lol since it’s so simple and fast to make one.

Everyone I know has their places online, this is mine. My brother is aware I come here, but he thinks it’s a site for serious questions. If he knew about the P&amp:S section and the subject matter fellow fans of his favorite show post, he’d never leave and eventually let others in on the fun, then would come the annoying connect requests from the people that ruined MyFace and SpaceBook for me, so No, and I perfer to keep it that way

yes, its secret from mom dad, and one of my friends: i havent told my friend because really she can’t keep a secret for her life and she’ll tell my mom and dad, who i want to keep it a secret from cuz they’ll get mad i didnt ask permission plus if they dont let me have a facebook, im guessing this is not allowed either, but i wanted one so bad, cuz some questions i ask i dont have the guts to ask other people i know and know one knows who you are on this site, so yeah….

Yes. Because I’m secretive about certain things

it’s not really a secret, if someone ask if i have it, i’ll say yes. But somethings i ask i prefer people not knowing because it may be embarrassing.

definite i do with a number of my pals, only began drawing close solutions because of the fact a pal informed me approximately it then only have been given addicted, yet no longer that addicted only while i’m a splash bored

No,secret for what,not a thing to hide,anything I say,I would say to their face.

Yes, because my mom likes to snoop and I know she would come on here and look at my answers and stuff, which would annoy me.

No.. My brother and my mom know that I’m on Y!A.. Even on Facebook, I don’t even log out even though I know my brother is using the same computer ..

Hellooooooo,excuse me……….what’s the benefit of keeping a Y!A a/c secret???…………

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