Has Barack Hussein Obama deported his illegal alien aunt?

I was just browsing in the immigration topics, and I wanted to repost this question because it seems to be such a repetative anomaly. It was created by, America Was Once Free.

Has Barack Hussein Obama deported his illegal alien aunt?

Or is she still receiving free housing, food stamps, cell phones, medicaid and transportation paid for by the American taxpayers who are now the minority in the United States?

Yeah, an old lady trying to live out the rest of her days in peace, you get her. Teach her what it means to be a conservative.

There is no longer any such thing as an illegal alien. We are all socialist and citizens of the world now. At least that is what Newsweek says. This country no longer belongs to us, but the whole world. I am told all the time if I do not like it, I should move to another country.

The last I heard on her she was still in Boston after being ordered out of the country by an immigration judge over 4 or 5 years ago.

Gee, Bob, I thought we had limits on presidential power and the president himself could not arbitrarily banish a person for breaking the law. I guess the constitutional process is alien to many in the GOP hate brigade.

get real! free housing, food stamps, cell phone and medicaid, plus transportation?
Damn, I’m in the wrong business!!!

any illegals want to adopt me?

No, we are all paying to support her.
Just wait, he wants us to pay for all like her who are here illegally. Somehow, we are supposed to come up with the money to support them all, even give them free health-care.
Come to our country legally, do what you should, learn the language, work like the rest of us and pay taxes and I welcome you to America. But, sneak in and work the system and get me to pay your way is just wrong.
I bet I’ll be called racist for saying that, but I know in my heart I am right.

americans are minoritys in the united states?? Scandelous

lmao @ eric

Remanded till next year. Obama also returned her campaign contribution to her as it was illegal.

She’s living the good life on your dime.

And she will continue doing so for as long as she lives.

Why? Because you are irrelevant.

I agree with the answerer who said &quot:you are irrelevant&quot:.

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