Why do Gay people make such A big deal about being Gay? Is there straight pride?

I have a cousin who just came out of the closet, but everyone in the family knew allready, it was so obvious. We are all supportive, and will always be there her. I personally have no problem with her homosexuality except that now every single thing (cars,shirts, flags to name a few) now has some sort of rainbow/gay pride thing on it and it drives me nuts. We were driving and some punks started yelling and harassing us because they seen the huge gay pride sticker in the back of her window. I am totally against any forms of discrimination and harassment but, why do a lot of homosexual people feel like they need to advertise what sexual affiliation they have? Why advertise something like that when you know there’s some real crazies out there who see that sort of stuff and just look for reasons to do stupid stuff? Is there a straight pride movement? What would that symbol be?

I totally understand your point. You must first realize that the world and society in whole puts focus on heterosexuality. We have had to make a niche’ in the world for ourselves, since no one else would.
We have parades to keep up our spirits and to help bring attention to the issues that concern us. It isn’t meant to be offensive, but more like a Mardi Gras…lots of fun.
I don’t advertise my sexuality, but I’m not ashamed to tell people that I’m gay. I don’t care what the haters may say. In the long run, their hate will fade, but our love will shine.

The bumpers stickers and t-shirts and stuff are just another way for us to show that world that we aren’t afraid anymore. We had to live for centuries hidden within ourselves. It’s a form of liberation.

If society would just completely and totally accept the LGBT community, there wouldn’t be a need for the Pride stuff. But as long as we are killed, attacked, discriminated, etc…we will be in full force of our Pride.

Thanks for asking. I hope I was helpful.

This is a typical reaction to people who’ve been in the closet and come out. It may settle down over time, it may not.

When homo and hetro sexuality are treated on exact equal terms, then there would indeed be no need for &quot:gay pride.&quot:

The thing is, when everyone from the Bible to your politicians to your parent to idiots on the street tell you that you’re scum, or going to hell, or don’t deserve rights, or are a free target for harassment or even physical abuse because of who you are, you have to do something to combat that homophobia–even well-meaning homophobia like yours (sorry).

The more visible gay people are, the more that homophobes and politicians will realize that there is, in fact, a LARGE part of the (voting) population who are homosexual, and will no longer feel free to discriminate–via laws they will or won’t pass, or attitudes that are acceptable (i.e. whining that there’s no &quot:straight pride&quot:), or language that is acceptable.

What you’re doing is &quot:blaming the victim,&quot: and it’s just like people who say about a rape victim, &quot:well did you see what she was wearing?&quot: It shouldn’t matter what stickers your cousin has on the car: harassment is NEVER ACCEPTABLE.

Personally, why should anyone have to hide who they are. She’s gay! So what! I don’t care if she paints her hair the color of the rainbow, there is no reason she should have to face discrimination. BTW lost of straight people walk around with paraphernalia describing their sexual orientation. You can buy t-shirts that say I love D*** or I love P****, etc. Just because she wears the gay pride symbol does not automatically give people the right to yell gay slurs. Stupid people do stupid things wether or not they have a reason too!

When there is a lot of discrimination and hate against a group of people, uniting and saying that you are proud to be who you are is a way to individually say that you’re proud.

Most people don’t put it on everything, but just because they have a couple rainbow items/symbols isn’t really a reason to feel uncomfortable.

Straight people don’t have a pride movement because there is no reason to…they already can get married and have all the couples rights that one can essentially get. This isn’t the same, there’s no need to say that you’re proud to be straight (though you certainly can) because it’s already society’s accepted norm.

Everything is a &quot:straight pride&quot: thing. Think about it. If you see people making out in a movie, who is doing it? Most likely a heterosexual couple unless it’s a movie about homosexuality. I’ve been to a gay bar a few times. Believe it or not, if you don’t know it’s a gay bar… would most likely not be able to figure it out. There are a few hints but nothing like rainbow flags everywhere. The people can also appear very &quot:straight like.&quot:

I think you’re serious about it and not a troll, so I’ll answer seriously.

*You* may not be in favor of discrimination, but you really don’t have any idea how often people who are gay are slighted, cursed, and even beaten. To many gays – especially those who were recently in the closet – Pride is an affirmation not of their orientation, but of their worth as a human being. It may be more accurate for it to be called &quot:Gay and Unashamed&quot: but Gay Pride is easier to follow and has a positive connotation to it.

I’m surprised you don’t see the answer hidden in your own question. You’ve witnessed first-hand that your cousin experiences discrimination and hate because of her orientation. If someone hated you for a totally stupid reason, wouldn’t your response be, &quot:hey, I like who I am, I’m proud of who I am, so I don’t care if you hate me&quot:? Would you try to hide or deny who you are, playing the ostrich to avoid their negativity, or would you stand up and say &quot:This is who I am, and all your negativity is not going to make me ashamed of that&quot:?

Pride, whether in your gender or race or orientation, isn’t about being better than or apart from the opposite group: it’s about facing struggle and overcoming obstacles. The dominant/majority group simply doesn’t have to face those same obstacles and therefore doesn’t need the same &quot:pride&quot: to preserve their identity.

I think you answered your question without realizing it.

You were driving and some punks started yelling and harassing you because of her rainbow sticker.

Think about that.

Do you think that happens to a boy necking with his g/f? Do you think it happens because a couple is &quot:perceived&quot: to be straight? That’s what gay pride is about. When it gets to the point that no one cares who someone else sleeps with, gay pride will disappear I predict.

Kind thoughts,

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This is in no way an attack…just an explanation of what is going on. You can have NO idea of the repression this woman has lived with, the fear, the self-doubt that the Straight community placed upon her. Once she came out, she wants to shout it from the housetops … she is experiencing a rush of new found liberty and freedom she has never experienced in her life. WE you to live in fear, then suddenly have that fear lifted, you cannot predict how you would act. Trust me, this will settle down, she will take herself for granted, and all will return to normal. But for now, she needs to let loose of years of repression, and this is her way of doing it. Remain supportive, ignore idiots who yell (and yes, they are idiots, so who cares what they think?)…you are not judged by the company you keep, you are still you. Straights do not need Pride movements. They do not live with the harrassment YOU have witnessed while in a car with your cousin…how would you like to have that in your life every minute of every day????

I don’t know, we get the &quot:straight pride&quot: question a lot here and the simple answer its: thats not our problem.
If you want a straight pride movement go start one, though I can’t imagine what your goals would be.

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