Is it right to take 10 points if customer care declines an appeal?

If Customer Care declines your appeal
10 points will be deducted from your account.

I have never had an appeal granted even when I am in the right. I’m wondering if anyone is really doing any homework into the questions and answers that are being reported. I have seen so many get reported, mine and others, that are not violating community guidelines. So I’m wondering if someone is truthfully doing their homework here.

Dear Deb,

I had an appeal granted yesterday and I received an apology from Customer Care. I do know that a human being (Lars) read my appeal.
Here is the link to the question. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index:…

I think that the reporting process does need to be revamped to prevent real abuse from being done. If the reporting process were not being violated then it would be okay to deduct the 10 points to discourage misuse of Y!A.

Since it only takes 2 reports to get a question or answer deleted there is a minority of people with numerous accounts wreaking havoc on those they dislike. Or else they are just doing it for point gaming purposes. I think that the person who asks a question should be given a say in determining whether or not reported answers should be deleted.

As Nina BaC had suggested some months ago, always file an appeal. When I filed mine this week I made sure I followed the directions of pasting the material in question in the appeal. I hadn’t even noticed that in the past. I also made sure to state that I had read the TOS and that I didn’t see where I was in violation.

For His glory,

In terms of when the questions/answers are removed, customer care doesn’t even look into that. If enough credible community members report a post it gets removed with no look-over. However, customer care does actually look at appeals sent in. I know because I’ve had several successful appeals. I guess you just had a little bit of bad luck with that, or perhaps you actually did violate the community guidelines but just didn’t realize it. (Not implying anything, just pointing out a possibility.)

Personally, no I do not think it’s right to deduct 10 points if your appeal is declined. That’s a load of bullshit, especially considering the low quality of the customer care, and the fact that you already lost points for the initial violation.

I’ve had three answers removed. One I deserved. Two, I did not. I appealed both that did not deserve to be removed. One appeal, I was insistent in how I was mis-reported and my removal stood.

The other, I appealed by first pointing out my case in how the reason for the reported abuse was inaccurate, then I detailed each and every point made in the community guidelines, and answered each as if it was an individual question, pointing out how I did not violate any of the guidelines under the &quot:bad&quot: categories, and how under each &quot:good&quot: category I had fulfilled each as a requirement.

I had that answer reinstated. Granted, it was a pretty straight forward technical question, where someone was looking for a power adapter for their dell, and wanted to pay less than $100. I found one on Ebay, provided a link to the auction, and explained how this particular adapter was the one Dell stated was the one for his laptop, and how the price of $23 was easily affordable. I’m reasonably sure that I was reported for abuse by someone just wanting MY answer off the list.

So it seems you must be respectful, and show a clear understanding of the guidelines to get an answer appealed and reinstated. The method I used is probably a good form to follow. A list of each point in the guideline, and giving a detailed reason for how you did not violate any of them, or how you followed each.

You all got a thumbs up from me in this one, and I tagged it as interesting, just so that maybe it will garner a bit more attention.

No, it’s not.

I’ve wondered sometimes — when I’ve gotten violation notices — &quot:Did anyone actually bother to READ the question, OR the answer?!&quot:

Usually it’s an allegation that it was not an answer — when it WAS, SO OBVIOUSLY, an answer.

I have been fortunate though in that I’ve been granted appeals and have had some success at having my answer reinstated on occasion. But then there were other times that I was NOT granted appeals, or did not win the appeal. There have even been times that I didn’t even get the violation notice: the answer would just be surreptitiously deleted.

Don’t let it get you down sister. Just be the wonderful you that you are. The people that mind don’t matter, and the people that matter don’t mind 🙂

I got reported for telling a guy he should do his own homework. He had listed his whole assignment on here and wanted all the answers!! There is a difference between helping someone understand how to do something and asking them to do it for you.

Yahoo has gone to h3II anyway: this is NOT the ID i said to post my answers and questions on but yahooo has been ignoring things like this on here and on the yahoo games.They have made it where there is no point to have multiple ID&quot:s anymore on the same profile.

Remember, Deb, Jesus was persecuted many times when he was right and it wasn’t until after he was crucified that people realized he was telling the truth. It takes a slap in the face and, seeing as yahoo is almost going under, I give yahoo a year at most to realize their faults.

I can’t answer for all violations and appeals but SOME people certainly win them. One user here has had all 6 of his violations reversed, many others have had 1 or 2 violations rescinded.
It’s really a good idea to review the rules here – most people ASSUME what they are instead of actually reading them. Start here and follow links. Better luck in the future.

I agree. I don’t think appeals are even looked at. I believe in giving the facts/ my honest opinion when asked. Some people don’t want an honest opinion so report you. I appeal that , as my comments are always respectful and i always get a &quot: form letter&quot: back.

I think they are just robots. I used to think that there is actually someone reading those appeals, but now I do not. I get the most of my questions or answers back..but I do not think this system is fair. they let people bully you

JWs are so tender timid that they gang up against you with their multiple accounts. Unfortunately I had to block almost all of them. Some of them I blocked because they did not let me to see their questions

I honestly don’t think they pay any attention to who is right. If more then one person reports the question or answer, it gets deleted.
Since many trolls have multiple accounts, its easy for them to just report you more than one time.

I know i am, because i can’t ask you guys to read my books, memorize them. Do my calculations in accounting. Figure ways to better serve customers at work, for another class and figure out a nutritional meal and cook it for a diabetic person. So, i know i am. I just tutor and give pushes to those who need it, with out fully answering their question.

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