Do you agree with Ronald Trump’s plan to ban Muslim immigration to the United States?

If that is a Ronald McTrump joke, then yes, I want fries with that. Personally, I think that while he has some good ideas, he is a bit out there. Immigration control needs to be better done, but not to the extent that we ban all people of various groups. Bad radical terrorists, yes, but I do not think we have the skill to do that yet.

No, I don’t think it would solve anything. Combined with wanting the Mexicans out-he’s looking more and more like that guy who did that stuff to all those jews way back when.

Trump want’s to start a 3rd world war i guess !

Saudi Arabia will not allow even one single Muslim &quot:refugee&quot: in. Neither will any of the other Arab gulf nations allow in even one. So why should we? Donald Trump for President!

the ironic thing is, people who believe &quot:religion is the cause of every and all evil&quot: oppose his plan merely because &quot:it comes from him&quot:.



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