2000 Honda Civic Hatchback?

I’m turning 16 very soon and I just got my very first car. It’s a 2000 Honda Civic Hatchback with a D-16 engine. I was mainly worried about the engine. I looked up the engine and people say that the D-16 engine is absolute crap. Could you please give me your opinion on the engine and the car itself and provide details? I would love to see what your opinion is on this subject.

Hondas are excellent, reliable vehicles.

&quot:Absolute crap&quot:, huh?? Who are these unidentified &quot:people&quot:? If that’s what &quot:they&quot: are saying, they are fools and don’t know what they are talking about. I happen to be an ASE Certified mechanic and I’ve owned several Hondas. Thye are good cars, but tend to get abused, modified, and/or neglected by their (typically) young, not-so-knowledgeable drivers. You can still occasionally find a solid one that’s actually been properly maintained.

Example: I put 308,000 miles on my 2000 Civic DX hatchback. That car replaced my ’98 HX Coupe which was totaled – the airbags and improved side impact beams saved my life!! My 2000 was still running perfect when I sold it last year for $4,200 — not bad for a car that I bought new almost 13 years earlier for just over $13k!! With synthetic oil, iridium plugs, low-resistance tires,and careful driving I could get 44 MPG.

There were many varants of the &quot:D-16&quot: (as you call it – it’s actually a D16Y7), but the basic, non-VTEC is the most common. Just change the oil, coolant, and timing belt at proper intervals and you could get years more life out of yours. Congratulations and good luck with your vehicle.

P.S. If your Civic does not have the optional folding cargo area cover, get one!! It really helps keep your gear in the back cool in the summer — and out of sight of thieves! It’s like having a real trunk.

Well it really depends on which D16 engine it is.
Power output ranges from ~100-125hp.
The D16 engine found in your Civic is a D16Y7 which pumps out 106hp @ 6200rpm, 103lb-ft of torque @ 4600rpm.
Considering that it is a 2000 Civic with some mileage under its belt, you’ll probably get smaller figures than that.
That said, those numbers aren’t particularly ‘eyebrow raising’.

If the definition of crap means it is a not powerful engine? Than of course it is crap. Most Honda 4 cylinders aren’t powerful. Especially your Civic. Honda’s intention for the Civic was economy, not performance.
But I can say one thing though. Most, if not all, Honda engines will last longer than the car itself. So it isn’t crap.

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