Who is the one team you do not want to see win the World Series?

I am seeing a lot of questions asking &quot:If you’re team is out of it, who will you root for?&quot: So I thought I would go a different route. So everyone has those team they wouldn’t mind seeing win it. But who would you really not want to see win the WS?

I find it really strange that the teams that people are not wanting to win the WS have that opinion simply because of the teams fans (real or ‘new’)

For me, I could care less about the fan’s perspective on it. Everyone’s fans are annoying to everyone but fans of the same team.

I see it more for effort and the story, with that being said. My list and reasons (from most wanted to win, to least). Keep in mind, I live outside Toronto and ‘my team’ is not in the playoffs.

Cubs – It’s been 100 years, my favourite player all time is Ryne Sandberg and a Cub jersey is the only baseball one I own (or will ever own because I don’t believe in buying overpriced merchandise to make millionaires richer). It would be a great story aside from the ‘it was predicted in some book’

Tampa Bay – Great group of young guys that have finally brought it together. Anyone that points to the payroll of the team and say they don’t deserve it because they don’t have the resources to spend big money on every one is puzzling. It would be another great worse to first story.

Milwaukee. Was a pre-season pick of mine to face the Indians in the WS. They have a great core of young guys and they took a BIG chance to trade for CC knowing they can’t resign him.

Anaheim – Have a great balanced team and some remarkable pitching performances from Santana and Saunders this year. Their only ‘big bat’ wasn’t exactly that this year, but they still won the most games in the majors.

Phillies. Another long time coming with only one championship in their history. They had a first half MVP (Utley) go sour and were picked up by a 2nd half MVP in Howard. Plus, to have the courage to not only sign, but continue to pitch the 873 year old, yoda like Moyer, is amazing

Boston – Yes, they’ve won 2 already this decade, but they’ve earned it.
Ortiz was a trade off the scrap heap, JD Drew was (IMHO) a brutal signing, that has flourished. Ellsbury, Youkliss, Lowrie and Pedroia all from the farm and they gave up one of the best young guys (Hanley Ramirez) to win with Beckett and Lowell

White Sox – I was glad they won in 05 and their offense has improved, but it still reminds me of a all-hit – no pitch guy I have in my fantasy league.

Dodgers – 84 wins, if a division should have been stripped of the right to have a playoff team, it would have been the NL west.
I really don’t think I see anything extraordinary about this team.

First of all – GREAT question!! I’m loving the amount of responses and the variety of explanations that everyone has for their choice(s)

I’m going to say the White Sox. If they were to win it I couldn’t feel like they could truly be called the best team in MLB. It’s like a feeling that some college baseball players might be able to best them in a series, and that just doesn’t define WS champions to me.

I do NOT want to see the Rays win the 2008 World Series.I’d feel jealous that my Orioles were rebuilding like Tampa Bay was before they ruled the American League and the fact that the Rays make the huge turnaround from worst to first and Baltimore is the same old same old for 10+ years.

Red or White Sox. About the TB bandwagoners. Yea ok, there are a few, but come on. Who would come on here and say they are a Rays fan before now and why would they? I have been a Rays fan since day one. Went to the first game at the Trop. Went to at least 3-4 games a year. For the one that says he has been here, you obviously have been to TAMPA. Not where the Rays play in ST. PETERSBURG. Two different counties. The Rays technically are a St. Pete team, not a Tampa team.

The Red Sox &amp: the Rays only b/c I’m so fed up with these phony bandwagon Rays fans who are coming out of the woodwork claiming to be fans of theirs for years when we all know that’s a bunch of bull. Where where they last year? if i remember right only 2 or 3 REAL! Rays Fans where in here last year defending &amp: supporting the team. Those fans i congratulate &amp: give credit to not these phonies. When the rays lose these same phonies will do the same thing that they did when the so-called Rockies fans did after losing. They will hide &amp: not be heard from again till the Rays do good again. But having said that i do give the rays credit for what they did this year &amp: for some of those who don’t think a team deserves to be in b/c their payroll is low is wrong &amp: bogus. if the yanks wouldv’e done their job this wouldn’t be happening to begin with.

The Rays – nothing against the team – I actually like them – but the idea of having to watch World Series baseball from that atrocity of a ballpark is sickening.

Tampa Bay Rays

Boston Red Sox

twins fan so definatley dont want white sox to win. really dont want to see red sox either since im a fan of small market team these teams that try and buy a world series disgust me so put angels in this category also. i also hate the cubs and their bandwaggon fans. i wouldnt mind seeing rays v. brewers series.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California of the United States of America

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