which one is better family soports sedan acura TL type S or Infinity G35 of 2007?

Both are great cars, I looked at both before I bought my TL. The TL has a bit more interior room, but both have the same type of safety features: ABS, ESC. If you are more comfortable with front wheel drive that might be a plus for the TL, if you live in snow country. Really test driving them is the key to see what you like best.

The Acura TL is just an amazing car. The g35 is also amazing. They perform the same way, but the Tl has a better drive. The infiniti is more luxurious though. I am not sure about the G35’s value,but the Acura Tl type S has an amazing value and will last for a while.

I think it really depends what you want. I think you also have to consider that once you get to this kind of price bracket you could get the new BMW 335 with 300HP or so.

But I’m not sure there is a better car here. I don’t think you can go far wrong with any of them. The TL has more standard toys on the inside. But keep in mind it will be replaced next year, so if you buy one now it is going to look dated within 12 months or so. The Infiniti is a great car, that has plenty of rave reviews. The BMW is an awesome driving machine, but you pay though the nose for every little extra.

Take a drive in all three and see what you like. Also go to edmunds.com and read the reviews and the owner reviews.

Honestly, to tell you what is best is impossible. It depends what you want from a car. I doubt you would regret either of the two you mentioned or the BMW.

I used to have an ’04 TL and got a new G35x a few months ago. The G35x is (IMO) currently the best deal out there. For about the same price as the FWD TL-S (the G is actually a little bit less), you can get a G35X (AWD) with all of the same options (except navigation which comes standard on the TL-S) and overall a lot more car per $. I looked at the TL-S first, but the G handles better, is faster, is safer in the snow, doesn’t squeal its tires off the line (my TL used to do it and it got annoying after a while) , and I personally think it is a better looking car. The only thing about the G I don’t like is that I’m averaging 17.1 MPG wheras the TL used to get about 21-22. The G desperately needs a 6th speed for highway cruising with the automatic. My bottom line is that you really can’t go wrong with either reliable japanese car, but drive both and I’m sure you’ll see which is the better overall car.

The Infiniti G35S is the better ‘sports sedan’ of the two. If you’re looking for a capable FWD ‘sports’ sedan, with more standard equipment, the Acura TL is probably the better buy. If you have a little more money to spend on options, and you want the ONLY sports sedan to triumph the almighty BMW 3-Series, the Infiniti G35S is your car. Also from a styling standpoint, I prefer the G35 by far.

I guarantee you that the TL-Type S is much more fun to drive than the G35. Go with the Acura.

The TL is by far the best car in it’s class. Don’t believe me? Check our consumer reports. The TL rocks and chicks dig me when I’m in mine. Promise!


it depends on the vibe your trying to give off…if your looking for the, wanna be yuppie look then go for the tl…. if your looking for the, i am yuppie scum but still young at heart then go for the g35.
its your choice


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