What if a family can’t no longer care for an elderly loved one in the state of Georgia?

I have a friend who lives in Talbot, county Shiloh, Georgia. Her and her husband been caring for her elderly mom who is showing signs of dementia and also trying to hurt herself. Her husband just recently got a job and can no longer help my friend care for her mom. I mean he needs to work so they can eat. My friend has health problems herself and the stress is taking a tole on her. When ever they ask for help like at the hospital or call the ambulance they tell her that’s normal for old age. They even been working with APS, but they haven’t heard much from them. Her mom doesn’t qualify for many hrs for home health. What to do from here, I know there has to be some type of resources.

I don’t know that people with dementia try to hurt themselves, so I’d say she needs an appointment with a doctor to see what’s going on. You didn’t say how elderly that mom is. By knowing that we might be able to tell you if it’s normal old age or not. If she’s old then perhaps she needs both Medicare and Medicaid. If the woman is hurting herself then she could very well need more supervision and that means someone living in the home with her, and not a young person. Some people have relatives stay during the day while they work so that someone is always with the elder person. Sometimes females get a job working from home or where they work allows them to work at home, or they open their own franchised business. It’s true that some things are considered old age but when a person becomes incontinent then it’s time to send them to a nursing home or an anzheimers facility and the friend should be talking with her doctor or the mom’s medical insurance, or with Medicare and asking what could be done to make the mom’s life easier and hers too.

Relies on the elderly individual and the household. Many historical men and women need peace and quiet, now not a noisy family. Humans are working longer hours now and simply have not got the time to do more. People are residing longer now and have conditions that weren’t so evident a long time in the past – alheimers, senile dementia for illustration. I’ve labored in houses where these conditions could make the residents violent and tough to control – so would now not be first-rate around youngsters with out any individual being there always. With many families having much less youngsters, many elderly men and women do not have the households to handle them. They ought to use the state – which most likely means dangerous care in a poorly run care residence.

Not easy stuff here – – and it only gets worse – a choice between bad and worse… some of the State run facilities are not very nice but this might be the only option. Make as many calls as you can – start with a Sr. Center, even the police – we had to make many calls until we found someone, an agency that would help us – good luck.

Even if she has no resources, there should be state options available in nursing home care. If they talk to one of the social workers at the hospital she goes to, they should be able to point her in the right direction. There are options: it just takes work to find them. Good luck!

The person can go to nursing care. To pay for it, she would sell her assets unless she has none, then she may be eligible for Medicaid with no spend down. She could contact Catholic Charities which offers low cost home care.

This is when she need to see the doctor and the doctor will recommended a nursing home for her, so that she can get 24/7 care.

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