Jehovahs W… Their Governing Body.?

I have become increasingly curious about the Governing body of Jehovah’s witnesses and none of them want to answer me. I know that the governing body calls all of the shots but which is the most powerful? I mean really its a room filled with guys one has to be the alpha male. Gerrit LГ¶sch has been there the longest. And since only existing GB members can pick new members I assume they pick their friends which would explain why so many of them joined around the same time. David H. Splane Guy H. Pierce M. Stephen Lett Samuel Herd all joined in 1999. Anthony Morris and Geoffrey Jackson both joined in 2005.

Again which one has the most power? Some sources say Geoffrey Jackson but im not sure.


Your question and its assertions are full of personal opinion and outright falsehoods. So your conclusions are invalid.

The governing body members are Elders from various parts of the earth who have demonstrated a lifetime of faithfulness to Christianity and diligence in caring for responsibilities.

They were first recommended by their local congregations to serve as &quot:Ministerial Servants&quot: and then &quot:Elders.&quot: Some also were then recommended by their congregations to serve as Missionaries. Some were recommended by the local Elders to serve in positions of greater responsibility such as missionaries, building overseers, branch overseers &amp: etc.

Individuals are only recommended to greater responsibilities after being &quot:tested for fitness&quot: first, meaning they have continued to carry out their assigned duties while demonstrating the fruitage and backing of the Holy Spirit (Gal.5:22ff.

Recommendations to greater responsibilities are always based upon the individual meeting the Scriptural requirements as detailed in places such as at 1Timothy 3 and Titus 1. Whether it is the local elder bodies or the Governing Body the whole group uses such scriptures to discuss an individual’s spiritual qualifications for appointment to greater responsibilities. Any and all doubts are prayerfully considered. After all the facts and issues have been thoroughly examined, the end result is that there is a unanimous decision either to recommend or not (1Tim. 3:2,3: 1Cor. 1:10: Eph.4:1-3).

By the time individuals would be recommended to positions overseeing Branches and on the GB they would have had to present such solid Christian fruitage over such a long period that there would be no cause for doubt about their qualifications. They would have demonstrated a reliance on God’s infallible Word as the highest authority on earth and have proven themselves as examples of faith worthy of imitation (1Co 11:1: Phil.3:17: 4:9: Heb.13:7: 1Pt 5:2,3). And if at any point an individual begins to develop a lack of spirituality, such as pride, he would be immediately counseled and if he persists in a wrong course he would be removed from his position.

Because of following such theocratic procedures Witnesses have the utmost confidence in their organizational arrangements. And the confirming evidence from the Holy Spirit is undeniable in the unprecedented unity and peace that exists among Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Just as in the first century Christian congregation, the decisions of elders and members of the GB are not arbitrary but are completely based on Scriptures and the obvious direction of the Holy Spirit (Ac 15:6-29). When it comes to decisions on *doctrine,* or even periphery beliefs the final decision is thoroughly proved to be supported by Scripture. Everyone can double-check their decisions and verify them by an examination of the Scriptures. So, confidence and obedience to these teachers in the congregation comes from personally confirming that the decisions are based ONLY on the Scriptures.

That is why the usual method by opposers of the Witnesses is to avoid discussing SCRIPTURAL truth and current beliefs with the Witnesses! Instead they focus on misrepresenting the organization and/or resorting to usupported accusations, emotional rants and blatant lies. They KNOW they cannot refute our teachings because they are based firmly on the Bible!

Because of following the theocratic procedures found in accounts like Acts 15, Witnesses have the utmost confidence in their organizational arrangements and beliefs.

The worldwide work of Jehovah’s Witnesses gives evidence that Jehovah’s Spirit is upon this modern day Governing Body. JWs are engaged in the greatest Bible education work ever done in all human history. Every one of them are imitating Christ in preaching, teaching, and living according to Christian standards. The unprecedented unity and peace that exists among Jehovah’s Witnesses is further confirmation from the Holy Spirit.

So we do not blindly follow an organization of men, but we acknowledge the overwhelming evidence from Scripture and the outworking of Holy Spirit that we have identified the True Christian organization today, including the governing body.



I have a few things to say about this:

First to the person that said that their apartments are extremely small – this is not true. There is a ranking when it comes to assigning apartments in Bethel. Governing body members have the best apartments in Bethel, although obviously they are not duplex penthouses.

They also enjoy many perks that the bethel family does not have access to. But anyway, this is not important….

All of the original members of the GB are now all deceased. The Alpha males were first Freddy, then Henschel, then Jaracz. Since Jaracz died no one has asserted himself to become the alpha male, but because of human nature, it will happen at some point.

Because all the decisions are decided via a vote from each member, they all end up having the same decision power, however traditionally what happened is that the ones with the higher status, would influence the younger ones.

The fact that they need to vote in order to get anything decided is actually a good indicator that obviously the holy spirit is not directing them, otherwise there would be no need for such method.

Since the Watch Tower is actually a legal corporate entity that has seven main corporations being an umbrella for ten major corporations it is not difficult to understand that lawyers are the ones that run the Watch Tower.

Since the Watch Tower sells and build 3 to 8 Kingdom Halls a week and holds a lot of land and buildings It is obvious the the men governing the doctrines of the Watch Tower hold just a fraction of the power. Most of the power and money is made by the corporate members and lawyers.

Lawyers run the Watchtower, Lawyers make the money.
The Watchtower pays more to lawyers in one day than the Watchtower corporation have given the widows and fatherless in the last 100+ years.

It is good that Angel Music sees that the Watchtower tours only show you what they want to show to paint a picture in the mind of the tourist.
Angel Misuc understands the info in the link and not in denial

Jehovah Witnesses are not what they say they are. In other words, they are not Christians. The way
that they believe, the cant be Christians, They are even against the ones that are , Christians. When
They themselves are not Christians. You could ask a Jehovah Witness, if they are, Christians, and
some may tell you, they are, Jehovah Witnesses. They dont give the right answer, because they are
not Christians. Isn’t that obvious, Happy?

angelmusic: The Jehovah Witness have compiled their own version of the Bible to read the way they
want it to read. A sectarian paraphrase, A preversion not a version. In other words a corrupt book.
But I guess you know that already. Wolves in sheeps clothing.

None has any more &quot:power&quot: than the other. That’s why it’s a &quot:Governing Body.&quot: A GB member used to be the President of the Watchtower legal corporation, and many used to mistakenly think that person was the top dog. But the GB switched to a rotating chairman in, I believe, 1972. Since then, the chairman switches every two years. There is no &quot:boss&quot: on the GB.

Your guess as to the GB picking their friends is also not accurate. GB members need to be anointed, and they need to have exemplary status for quite a number of years. Men such as that are few and far between at this point. When the GB feels they should appoint new members, then send their feelers out and look for qualified men. They then invite them to Brooklyn Bethel to serve for a year or two to be observed. Then if they are seen to truly qualify for that important assignment, they are appointed.


@ Christ the 4th

Actually, she is accurate. The GB live in small apartments with meager incomes – basically the same as anyone serving at Bethel. Where’s the proof? Well, I personally know many people who have served at Brooklyn Bethel. One man was the caretaker of Fred Franz in his last days. The lifestyle of the GB is not a secret and is viewable to all who are at Bethel.

I’ve only met one member myself. I spent a couple hours with him and his wife since they needed a ride to the airport. They were very humble and down to earth. A brother in my neighboring hall is an Ophthalmologist and does free work for Bethel personnel. This GB member took a humble ride in my Honda Civic from his eye exam to the airport. No limo-zine or even a Lexus ride.

There IS no one member of the Governing Body who &quot:calls the shots&quot: They work as a unit… a team… a unified body, just like the governing body in the early christian congregation. That is why letters are sent out, NOONE signs their name. They don’t &quot:select their friends&quot:. Clearly you are listening to rumor and not fact. Ever hear the expression, &quot:consider the source&quot:? LOL Have a good day.

It goes something like this:
7 governing body members are trying to decide if Blood transfusions are an edict form God…they discuss it and eventually Vote on it.

4 say it is banned in the Bible
3 say the bible is referring to animal sacrificing and stumbling new onlookers and has nothing do to with saving lives which are sacred and the Ban should be lited.

4 to 3

the ban is kept in place witnesses continue to die or be disfellowshipped…Jehovah has spoken

Right now there is a power vacuum. The ‘alpha’ previously was Ted Jaracz who passed away a couple years ago. Bethel insiders report that there is a division among the GB that is still playing out. I think most are waiting to see who get appointed in to tell who is currently leading.

If rumors are true, the camps are split between the desire to reform some of their more extreme teachings as the other side that wishes to exert more control over the individual members.

I have seen their offices, their apartments, and the cafeteria style meals they eat IN THE CAFETERIA.

I have eaten meals with some of them and worked in the door to door ministry with some of them.

They are fine, spiritual men, very hard working. There is no &quot:power struggle.&quot:

And each one of them recognizes the talents of the others – and respects their spiritual viewpoints they have found from the scriptures.

None are wealthy, and they all freely give of their time to encourage all to &quot:seek the kingdom first.&quot:


For an idea of how a governing body works, a person can read Acts chapter 15. And notice in verse 6 and 7 that there was a difference of opinion for what was being discussed. I don’t know that they &quot:voted&quot: per se, but it was obvious that there were different sides to a matter. And how each felt became public to those in attendance. The account even gives us the names and statements of some who were there.


It is stated in an answer that members of the governing body do not know what &quot:real life&quot:: is like.

I’m not going to take the time or the space to cover each one – but I will comment on one.

Anthony Morris – served in the Vietnam War. Raised two sons and WORKED for a living – just like you and me – before he went to Bethel.

Free air fare to any location on the globe.
Free apartment.
(edit) Free maid service every day
Free meals (edit) prepared from fresh farm picked produce and meats
Free automobile and driver at your beck and call
Thousands of underlings who seek your approval on a daily basis.
(edit) Congregations of people asking for your attention to speak at their locations.
Automatically given keynote speaking engagements at every convention they attend, where thousands of jw applaud and listen as if Jehovah himself was speaking.
7.7 million members hanging on every word you utter.
Ability to dictate how billions of dollars are spent yearly
All of the above and a little spending cash in your pocket
Top all of the above with the power of life and death over millions by your own interpretation of the bible, well what more could any alpha male want?

You tell me what the head rush and self importance these men enjoy. Even if they put on mantel of humility or appear to be humble…..why wouldn’t they? They get to keep their jobs. (edit) How else could a mere man maintain such a godlike persona without acting as if he was ‘down to earth’?

Not one of them has really spent a lifetime in the real world. They have no idea what it is to raise a family and support them in the real world. Only guesses and conjecture. An entire life centered around a religion that has no regard for reality.

These men are humble servants of Jehovah, living in extremely small apartments, and earning somewhere around 600 dollars a month. They have no worldly power as you understand it. They are nothing more than tools in the hands of a mighty God. It is Jehovah who has all the power.

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