Is Gay Marriage lubing up the slippery slope to polygamy and bestiality ?

I fear that it is the thin end of the wedge. Who is with me?

Polygamy and bestiality have as much in common with same-sex marriage and they do with opposite-sex marriage. They are completely separate issues. Why do you think polygamy, bestiality, and same-sex marriage are somehow related?

I am certainly not with you. Gay marriage is simply an acknowledgement of two people who love each other wanting to make a commitment to each other. What is wrong with love and commitment? Who are you to deny this to anyone in this world? What would give you the right? What if your child turns out to be gay? Have you thought about that possibility?

And why would you associate bestiality with love and commitment?

I don’t know anything about polygamy. Perhaps you should ask someone from a religious background – the Brethren or Pentecostals? Polygamy seems to be associated with religious practice.

By the way – I am a married woman, if you are wondering.

HOMOPHOBIA: irrational worry of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. – – – – – – – – Please be conscious this could be a psychiatric definition! Primitive faith has continually lagged at the back of the enhance in ethical attitudes and that’s what those all people is doing to Christianity – making it primitive! there have been people who damaging the abolition of slavery, emancipation for women human beings, the banning of discrimination of ladies human beings, the tries to do away with racism and now the would desire to do away with homophobia! Taking one sin to bask in intolerance, hatred, bigotry, homophobia and persecution is genuinely no longer appropriate interior the eyes of God!

Of course not.

Bestiality is only illegal in 37 states. It should be illegal in all states, since animals can not consent to sex.

Polygamy should be legal. I mean, it’s okay for a man to impregnate 2, 3, 4, 5 or more different women but it’s not okay to marry them? How does that make sense? As stated before, I encourage intelligent discussion versus thumbs down.


No. Polygamy was practiced in the bible. As for bestiality, it will never happen. The animal cannot give consent to marriage.

Oh, geez you’re right. Clearly, animals can sign marriage contracts.

If we let two people who love each other get *gasp* married, it’s only a matter of time before I’m going to want to marry my dog! How did I not see the cause and effect relationship between those two things before?

Oh right, because there isn’t one.

Bzzzt! Try again. Maybe your next logical fallacy will be slightly less idiotic.

Nobody is with you, because you are bigoted against people who believe differently.

Though I do agree that bestiality is going too far, for me at least.

BUT, You, nor I, has the right to dictate to others what they can and cannot do, as long as they do not hurt others.

What’s wrong with polygamy? Very Biblical, polygamy.

As for bestiality, sure, once you figure out how an animal can consent.

How can you say that when Jacob had four wives, abraham had three (known) and solomon had many more? Are YOU better than them? How can you compare homosexuality and bestiality to polygamy? Jesus had no wife, so why marry at all?

Gay marriage has nothing to do with bestiality and polygamy.

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