Ethnic minorities in the police.?

Some police forces in G.B. are actively seeking members of ethnic minorities for recruiting. Are the Irish still considered an ethnic minority for the purposes of recruiting?

You wish only coloured people can be ethnic minorities.

Yes, for the purposes of the ethnic minority mandate that many firms have implemented (talents and ambition are not a prerequisite anymore) Irish people are considered a minority by the British police (as are &quot:other European&quot: citizens).
I refer to the infamous case of Cumbria Police, who couldn’t get enough people of ethnic minority in a certain part of Cumbria, and had to recruit people who were either from Ireland or had Irish ancestry in order to meet their quota.
People should be judged on their abilities and achievements, not on their origins.

I agree with Paul R.

I know this is about police. But, fire brigades have been actively trying to recruit a certain quota of ethnic minorities for years. Even if the ethnic minority would be worse at the job than young Caucasian male.

What ever happened to recruiting the best person for the job? Instead it is a game of politics to make the police force/ fire brigade look better.

Some say that if you’re a young, hetrosexual, caucasian male you’re at a disadvantage.

I hate to assert this yet this may well be a common occasion of minorities utilising their race as an excuse to wreck out with against the regulation.If all else fails declare you’re a objective of racially inspired profiling or prejudice and that gets you off each and every time.Does every person remember the O.J.Simpson case?He grow to be acquitted simply by meant race concern and the race card being performed.the place is powerful previous O.J.Simpson the regulation abiding citizen now?in extra difficulty for no ask your self here breaking the regulation yet as quickly as returned basically this time he would desire to no longer justify killing his white ex spouse to wreck out with it.the unhappy certainty of the data that’s that that’s an common certainty that extra minorities dedicate crime than Caucasians,basically distinction is they cry racism and suddenly the rustic is in an upheaval over the undeniable fact that how dare the police try this to a undesirable minority no longer the undeniable fact that this man or woman broke the regulation.i’m a white female and enable me clarify the injustice I even have seen individually with regard to who will pay for what,i’m undesirable as nicely and because i’m a Caucasian i’m no longer afforded the liberties that all and sundry minorities have.in spite of befell to the seen being charged for against the regulation which you committed in accordance with data no longer on pores and skin colour and meant prejudice?

Were certainly a different race from the British so in a way we should be classed as a seperate ethnic group, so i would say yes. If it applies to social housing then it should apply to civilian and civic posts. But its a lame hand to play the race card. Its not fair on anyone no matter what race or colour they are.

Try not getting in to the school of your dreams, the University of Michigan, because you are a white male and grew up in a nice neighborhood because of my two successful parents, who also went to the University of Michigan. I graduated top 10 in my class in high school, had very high test scores, but I wasn’t from an ethnic background and didn’t grow up in a bad neighborhood so I was **** out of luck. Thank you, affirmative action.

That’s a bit silly. Shouldn’t be based on how skilled the officers are, and not how colourful
Also what is the point in even refering to their ethnicity if they are living her according to common conduct?

Nope, ethnic minorities benefiting from these things aren’t allowed to be white. After all, everything that’s ever been wrong with the world is our fault and we have to pay for it, or at least that’s the way they see it.

And god help you if you’re heterosexual and fully abled, then you’re the lowest of the low. Isn’t &quot:positive&quot: discrimination great?

No the Irish are not classed as ethnic minorities. There are bloody hundreds of them in caravans all over the UK.

Could be if black Irish otherwise dont think you stand chance

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