Do you think America should attack Iran and Syria in October?

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No way!!!! They’ve been involved in already too much wars and have done enough damage. Because of their greed for more people have suffered not only the Muslim countries but also the Americans. All those soldiers who have died leaving behind their grieved families.

I think america should stop attacking everyone and mind it’s damn business! America needs to take care of home for a while before destroying another country.

WHY not ,,,,america is diggin its own grave with its own hands,,attacking syria and iran will just speed it up ,,,so go ahead and do it and then we ll see the fall of states.

No! We lack the resources to take on an entire region by ourselves. If it were next door maybe, but on the other side of the planet on their home ground…it would be suicide. Never start something you can’t finish.

sometime the powers of the Woprld could come to comprehend that their needs to push Israel into the sea will bring about easy words of their personal destruction. even as are human beings going to settle for the very incontrovertible fact that the Jewish human beings, the State of Israel are continuously lower than the watchful eye of God. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

No, and I hope anyone who says otherwise is enlisted or plans to enlist. I’m sick of hearing from chickenshit war mongers who are afraid to fight in the wars they support.

no, are you one of the dogs of war, whose only aim in this life to make life misery for other people, american people are peace loving not war mongerers nor merchants of death.

Why wait to Oct, does it take that long for you to enlist?

Who know HE-WE attack everybody – WE will be pay for it.

Hell no. We should attack them immediately.

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