Which used car is better buy : Toyota camry 98 ( 150 k Miles) or mitsubishi 2002 galant(90 k Miles)?

Im looking to buy a used car . I have an oiption now between a camry 98 sedan with approx 150 k millage and a mitsubishi 2002 with 90 k miles . Both have been well maintained and ahev approx the same price..thanks

Camry. it may run for another 150000 miles!

The Devil is in the details. Is the vehicle within driving range where you can inspect. How many owners. Any maintenance records. Is the original owners manual included. I would have a Toyota mechanic put it on a lift and inspect underneath carefully. There are rubber &quot:boots&quot: that hold certain lubricants vital to the drivetrain that tend to crack and leak with age. Has the Air Cond plumbing been switched out to accept the new type refridegerant. Do the belts and hoses look well maintained? My advice is to go ahead and find newer model with fewer miles. Older cars, even Toyotas with that many miles that have not been well maintained can turn into a money pit and leave you stranded. Investing more money now can mean saving lots of money and trouble in the future.

Camry is always a good car. but the mileage is a bit high. whats the price? You can compare the price to kbb.com enter the mileage on kbb and negotiate on the price with the owner. Galant has alot of problems. Past experience. Its the Camry or nothing. Or keep on looking on Craigslist.com you would find alot of owners willing to sell their car for a good price with lower mileage than the one you saw.

If you say they are about the same price, that should say something already…

A Toyota that is 4 years older with 60k extra miles costs the same as the mistu?

…should speak clearly which one is the better buy.

Camry, too old, Mitsu too many miles for a 2002. Look in autotrader.com or cars.com

I would go with toyota because it has more gas efficient than mitsubishi and old cars might make your insurance cheap…

And you can try this:
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Good luck!

toyota has better gas mileage and the mitsu will cost more on insurance…keep shopping around..

www.cars.com is a good one

I’d take the Mitsubishi

Toyota all the way

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