What are you 2011-2012 NFL predictions? add about a sentence detail to each team?

My Predictions

AFC North

1.Steelers 12-4 – Should stay as a top AFC team.

2.Ravens 11-5 – Might overtake Steelers to win division.

3.Browns 7-9 – P. Hillis comes back down to earth.

4.Bengals 4-12 – Too many uncertainties aka Palmer and Ochocinco.

AFC South

1.Colts 12-4 – Still team to beat in AFC South.

2.Texans 10-6 – Finally make playoffs?

3.Jaguars 8-8 – An improving but declining team?

4.Titans 5-11 – Can they trust Jake Locker as the franchise QB?


1.Chiefs 11-5 – Should be back to back division champs in a light AFC West.

2.Raiders 9-7 – An improving team.

3.Chargers 7-9 – Depends on Vincent Jackson.

4.Broncos 4-12 – New Coach, too many unanswered questions.

AFC East

1.Patriots 14-2 – Look for them to rebound from bad loss in playoffs.

2. Jets 11-5 – Two year wonder?

3. Dolphins 9-7 – Could be a surprise team.

4. Bills 4-12 – Another team with holes to fill.

NFC East

1.Giants 11-5 – Look For Eli Manning to rebound.

2. Eagles 9-7 – Is Mike Vick Really THAT good or was it a magical year?

3. Redskins 7-9 – John Beck!?!? Who will the QB be but a better tam then people think.

4. Cowboys 6-10 – Will Tony Romo come back from injury?

NFC North

1. Packers 15-1 – Have all the pieces to the puzzle.

2. Chicago 11-5 – Will Bears fans welcome back Jay Cutler?

3. Detroit 7-9 – Improving but OVERrated.

4. Vikings 5-11 – WHO’S QB???

NFC South

1. Falcons 13-3 – #1 as long as Matt Ryan is QB.

2. Saints 11-5 – Seahawks??? Really? Seahawks???

3. Bucs 11-5 – Let’s see what Josh Freeman can do.

4. Panthers 1-15 – Panther fans…don’t even look…cringe.

NFC West

1. Rams 10-6 – Should wins soft NFC West.

2. Seahawks 7-9 – No 7-9 playoffs for you again.

3. 49ers 5-11 – Not Alex Smith again, why is he still on the roster???

4. Cardinals 3-13 – On the decline.


1. Patriots
2. Steelers
3. Colts
4. Chiefs
5. Ravens
6. Jets

Wild Card – Colts 24 Jets 14 Ravens 20 Chiefs 14
Divisional – Steelers 17 Colts 10 Patriots 35 Ravens 24
AFC Title – Patriots 31 Steelers 28


1. Packers
2. Falcons
3. Giants
4. Rams
5. Saints
6. Bears

Wild Card – Giants 20 Bears 17 Saints 34 Rams 13
Divisional – Packers 24 Saints 20 Giants 30 Falcons 20
NFC Title – Packers 37 Giants 28

Superbowl – Packers 24 Patriots 23 – Pats miss game winning FG

Comments? Your picks?

1..Ravens 11-5 – This may be there year
2. Steelers 8-8 – SB hangover.
3. Bengals 7-9 Enough talent to form a somewhat mediocare season.
4. Browns 5-11, Stil a long way from anything resembling a good team

AFC South

1.Colts 11-5- Yes, Still team to beat in AFC South. They may have some ups and downs though.

2.Texans 8-8- Finally make playoffs? No, still just an average team in a steady division.

3.Titans 8-8- Enough talent to win some game. Ie Chris Johnson will have another great year

4.Jaguars 6-10. MJD and the boys may save them from a horrible season, but they still wont be good.


1 Chargers 9-7. As usual, they will be overrated, but still have enough to take the divison

2. Chiefs – 9-7 Eh, I’m far from sold as them being a great team. They will start strong, finish weak.

3. Raiders 6-10. No, sorry nothing will change. They may shine at times, but still will finish poorly.

4.Broncos 5-11. Pick up where they left off. Tebow was not the answer, at least not yet.

AFC East

1.Patriots 10-6 – An again team you are giving way to much, in a much improved divison.

2. Jets 10-6 – Steady eddies. Wont dazzle, but will 10 and probably a 2nd round knockout this year.

3. Dolphins 8-8 – Could be a surprise team. Agreed. But only at 8-8

4. Bills 5-11 – Another team with holes to fill. Also Agreed

NFC East

1.Cowboys. 11-5 They were a different team under Garrett, and I see it continuing with a healthy Romo. Easy schedule for them and the other NFC east teams. Last year was a fluke. They win at least 11

2. Eagles 10-6 – Is Mike Vick Really THAT good or was it a magical year? He’s good, but so not that good. The rest of the team aint shabby either.

3. Giants 9-7. Still a good team, good enough to win 11 in some divisons, but not this one.

4 Redskins 4-12 – They dont stand a chance this year. They may lose every divsion game. Wait and see. Just too disorganzied to compete in the NFC east.
NFC North

1. Packers 11-5 – 15 wins? Cmon, you must be a pack fan. They were a decent team, and got hot at the right time last year. That being said, their divison is not that great and they will run away with it.

2. Chicago 9-7. Overrated. This team will flirt with the playoffs, but fall short.

3. Vikings 6-10. QB issues, disorginaztion, poor season.

4. Lions. 5-11 They said they were improving last year, and they did, but not much. Another stinker. Just not enough talent.


1. Falcons 10-6 – #1 as long as Matt Ryan is QB. Agree, but they are a little hyped. 10-6 is how it goes.

2. Saints 10-6 – Eh, the mystique is fading, but another decent year.

3. Bucs 7-9. Cmon, you are way off on these guys.

4. Panthers 1-15 – Panther fans…don’t even look…cringe. Bingo!

NFC West

1. Seahawks 8-8. Yes, that is what I think of the west.

2. 49ers 6-10. They have potentail, but it seems to be fading.

3. CArds 5-11.

4. Rams 5-11

AFC North

1.Steelers 12-4 – Steelers and Ravens will battle for the division here.

2.Ravens 12-4 – Again, they will battle with pittsburgh for the division

3.Browns 7-9 – Improving yet declining team?

4.Bengals 4-12 – Worst team in this division. Shouldn’t win more than 4 games.

AFC South

1.Colts 9-7 – The Colts will be the team to beat, and I think this is the year they may fall off the horse.

2.Texans 11-5 – I think the Texans make a push for the Playoffs this season. It’s about time right?

3.Jaguars 9-7 – If only they could finish the season like they start them… the past 3 years they’ve been in playoff contention in december… and the past two years… they are 1-8 in December ball games. (Sleeper team to squeeze into the playoffs)

4.Titans 4-12 – They’ll be bad before they become good.


1.Chiefs 8-8 – I’m not sold on the Chiefs yet. Being from Kansas City… they had the weakest schedule last year and still only had 10 wins… Does everyone forget who they play this year? 3rd hardest schedule. They’ll come back down to reality this year and finish 2nd in the division.

2.Raiders 9-7 – An improving team. (Agree with your comments)

3.Chargers 8-8 – Vincent Jackson needs to play or they will finish worse than this record.

4.Broncos 5-11 – How well will John Fox do?

AFC East

1.Patriots 12-4 – The team to beat in the AFC East again

2. Jets 11-5 – Can they get it done this year?

3. Dolphins 8-8 – I have no idea how well the Fins will do this season.


NFC East

1.Giants 10-6 – Battle with philly all year

2. Eagles 10-6 – Mike Vick… Prove your worth.

3. Redskins 7-9 – McNabb gone?

4. Cowboys 9-7 – Romo will be back and should rise to the occasiaon… in the regular season that is.

NFC North

1. Packers 13-3 – Will lose more than one game… but they’ll be the powerhouse of the NFC for sure.

2. Chicago 9-7 – Jay Cuntler. Enough Said.

3. Detroit 8-8 – No idea how they’re over rated… but I think they’ll get to .500 this season. Just think, a few years ago they were 0-16

4. Vikings 3-13 – Good Bye Favre… Good Bye Decent Record.

NFC South

1. Falcons 13-3 – NFC Championship Preview. Falcons and Packers?

2. Saints 9-7 – Falling off the Saddle.

3. Bucs 11-5 – My boy I played football against in High School will lead the buccs to the playofs. Josh Freeman!

4. Panthers 4-12 – They’ll win more than one… but 4 wins may be giving them too much credit.

NFC West

1. Rams 10-6 – yes.. they should win another weak NFC west

2. Seahawks 7-9 – Fluke

3. 49ers 6-10 – Feel sorry for Frank Gore.

4. Cardinals 3-13 – On the decline. HUGE Decline

I agree with most of it


1. Patriots (13-3)
2. Steelers(12-4)
3. Colts (11-5)
4. Chiefs (10-6)
5. Jets (11-5)
6. Ravens (11-5)

Wild Card – Colts 27, Ravens 23, Jets 24, Chiefs 10,
Divisional – Steelers 23, Colts 17, Patriots 28, Jets 24,
AFC Title – Steelers 23, Patriots 20,


1. Falcons (12-4)
2. Eagles (11-5)
3. Packers (11-5)
4. Rams (10-6)
5. Giants (10-6)
6. Saints (11-5)

Wild Card – Packers 27, Saints 10, Giants 21, Rams 13,
Divisional – Falcons 24, Giants 20, Eagles 34, Packers 27,
NFC Title – Eagles 31, Falcons 23,

Superbowl – Steelers 24, Eagles 20, Superbowl MVP Roethlisberger

I strongly disagree about the Panthers. They had a coach with one foot out the door last year as well as a terrible starting rookie QB. They had the #12 ranked offensive line (even with a pro bowler on the IR) and Clausen was still that bad. They’ll be much better this year with a defensive genius as their HC and a real live offensive coordinator. This is the coordinator that even made Derek Anderson look good in Cleveland. Cam Newton is gonna take a couple of lumps, but he’s so physically gifted, I have no doubt that the coaching staff will turn him into a winning QB in the league. They will win 6-8 games this year.

ravens 13-3

steelers 10-6

browns- 8-8

bangles 4-12

Sure sounds good and all but you have 38 more wins then you do defeats. Meaning its not balanced. Some of your teams are going to loss more games then you seem to think.

15-1? are you kidding me? they have people coming back, but thats a little much dont you think? but who knows? i dont agree with much, but free agency is what can make or break a team and it hasnt happened yet. and it looks almost like last season.

cant see packers at 15-1 but i agree with much of your picks and have packers vs ravens in super bowl and giants not making playoffs!

so the lions are overrated but the bears are not lol … do u watch nfl …\

packers …11-5
vikes 4-12

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