Smackdown Better than RAW?

This weeks Raw sucked bad and Smackdown was 78556239574605 better than RAW and hhh fought Chavo. Smckdowns Main evet was better and Raw had way to many promos

no it didnt

not with the kane story

Triple h vs. Chavo is not really a good match when you hear it, but the match was good though. Well I liked it, and i agree Smackdown is getting better than Raw.

I agree. TNA took too massive a step via no longer common uncooked, WWE’s flagship coach. it may of been better effectual for TNA in the event that they did stay exhibits on Friday’s too compete with Smackdown provided that people learn spoilers for Smackdown insted of quite watch it.

da wwe wants 2 make smackdown better than raw &amp: ecw cuz in oct. smackdown which was da #1 rated show on upn &amp: cw, will try 2 b da #1 rated show on da my network which is da lowest of da 6 big networks. cbs, abc, fox, nbc, cw, then my network. my network got rid of IFL which had potential.

it would had been better if both championships like world heavyweight &amp: wwe stayed on smackdown. i guessin dats why dey made da diva championship &amp: got rid of da cruizerweight. i guess u don’t have time 4 a lot of matches in 2 hr show.

RAW is overall the better show. However this week was not that great, It was much greater than Smackdown! though. There was waaaaay too much talking and then with Vikki dumb @$$ showing up made it worse.

Are you kidding! Chavo is no where near Triple H’s capacity, that match sucked! And Show vs. Edge? And the making out at the end? PLEASE spare my eyes…Even without Triple H on RAW, it still has the best guys, and the least amount of crap…

Oh well I never liked SD! it has and always will be the B show to me. Raw is #1 and ECW shoudlnt even be considerd a product of wwe…its ****

smackdown was much better this week than raw

I agree it was better for this week..
Except for the whole Kane thing.

Smackdown has always been more exciting to watch..

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