Recommendations for beachy surf/skate or 70s grunge type music?

I’m making a short film for my media studies class at school. It’ll have a surburban beach vibe and is about two teen biker gangs. Think Lords Of Dogtown meets Westside story. I’m trying to create the soundtrack that blends actual 70s music with music from today that has that vibe, for example I’ve already planning on using some Best Coast, Summer Camp and Wavves. If you had any suggestions for music like this or actual 70s music that’d be great. Thank you!

Hello there,

A great biker song was Blues Theme by Dave Allan and the Arrows. It is from the 60s instead of the 70s.


As for beach flavored music, I would think the early 60s surf rock (Pipeline, Penetration, Mr Moto) and the mid 60s California sound (Beach Boys and Jan &amp: Dean) would be closer to what you want than 70s music.


Surfin USA – The Beach Boys (but i believe it’s from the 60’s)

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