If u get a chance to meet any….?

celebrity…whom would u like to meet??

Aishwarya Rai

Hilary Duff

Miley Cyrus

Paula Abdul.

Vin Diesel

David Beckham.

Ryan Reynolds.

hahahahahahahahahahaha properly, a minimum of now, we knew why he continuously come inebriated 😀 hahahahahahahahahaha if he thought he replaced into living in hell, wait till finally he figures out tht the devil is his spouse : D


SLASH (!!!)
Joan Jett
Aerosmith (all of them)
Vin Diesel
Chaka Khan
Tina Turner

I met Nikki Sixx a few months ago, so I can finally check him off my list.

It’s hard to say. I’d like to say that I’d want to meet one of the great intellectuals or rare uncorrupt politicians of our time… In all honesty though, I think I’d want to meet Rivers Cuomo, singer of Weezer.


Jennifer Aniston!!

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