Does my husband really love me or his ex- mistress?

I found out after nine years of marriage that my husband had , had a three year relationship with another women. They had gotten caught by her husband but continued the affair. Then I found out and it supposedly stopped.
My question is why does he want to share me and pictures of me with others when he wouldn’t do anything like that with her? He says it is because he is proud of me and my body and it turns him on when others see pictures of me. Is this love or is this normal. I NEED TO KNOW??????????

He loves you so much like i love my wife and he’s proud of you and I’m of her but you are a trophy wife like my wife beautiful fun to be around you know but you didn’t take care of his needs that means sex if you don’t know what I’m saying so you like my trophy wife was put on a shelf were trophies be long trophy’s aren’t good for anything else hope my wife figures this out before i get caught don’t want her to get hurt really don’t know why i care she hurt me when she said no to sex..

I was &quot:normal&quot: once . . . think about it.

Honey, he does not love you.
Men who really LOVE their wives NEVER cheat on them.

He’s an asshole–divorce him.

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