Will Donald Trump’s endorsement of Mitt Romney basically guarantee he gets the nomination?

It makes no difference. Just Trump grabbing a little more attention. Nobody really takes him seriously, at least nowhere near as seriously as he takes himself.

Np, like the Ron Paul camp has suggested a Trump endorsement might be a negative if anything. Seriously, Trump is a jokester. He has a lot of money but politics from that guy, nah.


But it insures months of great material for comedians.

And it insures that Mitt will never be taken seriously if he accepts the support of a flamer like The Donald who threw his support behind the Birther movement. Ignorant slumlord.

They’re both fired as far as I’m concerned.

If Donald Trump carried as much weight as Donald Trump thinks he does, then yes, it would.

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No, The Donald doesn’t have much of a real pull on Republican politics.

trump is a birther again

Ignorance is bliss

Sure. That, and Mitt’s magic underwear!

maybe, maybe not. why do you worry about things you have no control over?

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