Why is our war on terror only focused on Muslims? They do not have nuclear weapons. North Korea does.?

North Korea has missiles capable of striking Alaska, and perhaps soon our whole West Coast. Our real enemy is on the Korean Penisula, not in the Middle East. Bush and his administration our incompetent. We lose sight of this at our own peril.

Because of 9/11. DUH!

the last time i checked, hold on a second………,……. nope we are not at war with the Muslims, in fact the people that practice the true Muslim faith are peace loving people. the u.s. and the rest of the free loving world’s battle is with the terrorist no matter the religion. only the media puts that equation into play. the fact is that n. Korea has looking over it’s head is the largest screaming Chinese army on earth that will do anything to protect it’s interest
with the free world in the market place. they will take care of their own and that is what they said for all intents and purposes today.
that is why the u.s. and all countries concerned are in fact not too concerned. the countries that have supported terrorist acts all around the globe are the ones that the focus is being directed upon. because they are the ones not predictable and have proved that they can and will blow us and others the heck up.
get off the situation that happened today, and what may happen tomorrow as fr as n. Korea is concerned, the government there is a sad excuse for one. and if the u.s. government would have taken a stance when this peep first showed it’s true colors, we would not be having this discourse.

it’s simple. to be truthful and blunt. The United States can not afford a war with China and Russia + all the other little communist countries. So before they can get China and Russia to stand beside them against North Korea, they ain’t gonna do anything to North Korea. While countries like Japan and South Korea are already acting against North Korea, only because they think big brother USA is watching over them. As for Iraq, lets face it. it’s not all about the Nuclear crap bush talks about all the time and it’s not all about terrorist. oil plays a good part too. i personally don’t mind paying 9 dollars a gallon for gas. besides.. we all needa walk more.. ride your damn bike. this country has fat people problems. thats about all i gotta say. The US is smart not to invade North Korea.. cause the last thing i want is to see a Chinese soldier in front of my door ready to cut my head off. Or some nuclear bombs in my backyard. oh yeah one more thing. a country like China… it’s a pretty darn GOOD AZZ CHANCE they got a ton of nuclear crap. =) why don’t we acknowledge that? cause we cant. too much lives would be lost if we brought up a war because of that . BASICALLY. CHINA AND USA…. i pray to God they never will fight a war. or else im moving to the moon.

Um well, knucklehead, could it be because our country was attacked by Muslims? People who have sworn to see the US and Israel brought to their knees? Why, all of a sudden, is the US responsible for the actions of N. Korea? All the anti-American rhetoric aims on the US staying out of foreign affairs, and let me tell you something, buster, N. Korea’s regime was created and backed by CHINA! Why does the US have to run to everyone else’s aid? Let China be responsible for N. Korea’s actions. N. Korea could have not kept the size of standing military it has without China’s backing. Do you honestly think Korea would lob a missile onto US soil? This is only a game on Korea’s part to see how much they can stir up the US. Let China worry about them, we can get involved if they attack Japan, Taiwan, or S. Korea.

Speaking of losing sight…it seems that a few people around here are missing the point of the question you are asking. They are so ‘Bush-whacked’ that they believe whatever the President says. The Blind leading the blind. In this instance it is right into the Dragon’s jaws. I agree, why are they not paying attention to this very real threat? How high will the tally go on this one before they actually act on the information they have recieved. They acted almost immediately on a supposition of arms, how come this is being overlooked here?

North Korea has no nukes at this exact moment but they are capable of making some. North Korea can give these nukes in a breifcase to some radical muslim at a price and the U.S. would be in danger. Trust me the U.S. has not taken its eye off of N. Korea.

precise an prolonged time in the previous Nuclear weapons have been invented and utilized by making use of technique of a us of a to end an incredible conflict. Than the countless effective us of a’s gained Nuclear weapons. each and every and all the worldwide places have been given mutually and desperate that those weapons have been too effective for each us of a to have. so as that they signed treaty’s to shrink the worldwide places that would have Nuclear weapons to the worldwide places that already had them. Then they began proscribing the weapons that they had. i think of of that they made a stable call by making use of technique of proscribing nuclear weapons.

Good question. The Muslims are asking themselves the same question as are many in the intelligent community…North Korea has no oil or resources we need. The Muslims do and we in the west hold firmly that the only true faith is Christian.

Cos Iraq was Bush’s revenge for his daddys cock up..
Basically while Bush and Blair were lying to us about terrorism and wmds the real enemy were Iran and N.Korea.
Now the problem is the US and the west are tied down in these countries and we have no resources to deal with the real threats that Iran and N korea are to the world.Cheers Bush cheers Blair you invaded the wrong fvckin countries…

Because Bush wants the Middle East for oil so he makes up some bullcrap about going to war there.

North Korea has not oil. Or the ability to make a nuke that will make it to the US.

If they had oil, They’d be more concerned.

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