Why is Britain so obsessed with America?

We have Europe right next door to us but yet Britain seems ignore the fact that Europe is their and they focus on whats going on in America instead, how people live in America, what Americans do, what Americans eat &amp: obsess on what Americans think about them.

Americans don’t really give a hoot toot about British people, sure some people in America might drive a mini or like the queen and the British accent but that’s about it.

Every time I watch Brit TV it drives me nuts 98% of stuff on Brit TV is based on America.

Why is Brit TV so obsessively focused on America?

It also amazes me how Brits base/copy what they see on TV and get things so wrong. but its also very irritating as I lived in America for 8 years and a lot peoples ideas of America is so so wrong. Like they’d watch Buck Wild and assume that all Americans are like that in the southern states like on Buck Wild not knowing its all show for the TV and many other US TV shows in general.

I’ve noticed that now Duck Dynasty is coming on Britain witch the Brits claim the show was aired on the History Channel in the US….. Thats wrong once again Brits getting it wrong. Duck Dynasty is aired on AE not the history channel at least it was on Dish Network anyway.

All the TV shows I watched when I was in America are now flooding Brit TV every single American TV show is on Brit TV and more coming to Brit TV. I think Squidbillies is about the only one they don’t have.

American Music is the same. Radio stations will obsessively play an American band over and over.

What is going on with Britain?

Most Brits claim to know everything about American culture when they have never been to America like some of the answers on here. If people are saying America has no culture, then you need to get on a plane and actually go their &amp: not to New York either goto the south. Its funny because most Brits obsess about New York its always New York. A brit can’t even tell the difference between an American accent from a Canadian accent. I can’t believe how Brits are so blind to the fact that Britain is obsessed with America, its either that or Brits are incredibly stupid &amp: fail to notice whats going on around them. Britain has absolutely no culture what so ever. I think its a great shame.

Of course a lot of brits will hate America as they are highly jealous of us and want to be like us but can’t.

Britain wants to be Americas 51st state. The prime minister David Cameron even obsessed on TV the fact that he had an American sister and family in America, he even wants to make Britain like America by scrapping the free health care and benefits and introducing food stamps to Britain. Coming to think of it all the British politicians were all deeply obsessed with America they now have the &quot:special relationship&quot: thing going on with America. Brits will always love America unconditionally whether its good or bad, Britain will always be Americas little poodle.

you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I can assure you that Britain is the least bit obsessed with america. In fact most British citizens can’t stand Americans we think you’re: rude, have bad manners, have bad table manners, big headed, have no class and also everything seems to be a competition with you, it doesn’t matter who has the biggest or who has the best. you need to get over your selves and stop thinking Britain is obsessed with America because in fact it’s quite the other way around. When Will and Kate brought their baby to Sandingham house there were more American families who came over than there were British families which says to me America is obsessed with Britain, and to say Britain has no culture considering you’re from country that is just over 200 years old, you need to get your facts straight before you say Britain is obsessed with America because we’re not.

This is funny, nah mate I don’t think you’ve ever been Britain, do you honestly think that everyone just sits around dreaming about the US, they’re cool but no-ones in love with America.

@Ivan Dobsky, You’re not British mate, you’re American, I can tell. You’re just posing as a Brit. The fact is, if you had genuinely watched any British TV you’d know that your ridiculous claim that 98% of our TV is based on America is an absolute joke. British TV is packed full of mainly British shows. In fact to watch American tv you’d have to switch on to cable where there are a few select channels that specialize in usa tv shows like Big Bang Theory or CSI etc.
As for us copying your TV, you might look at the amount of TV shows and formats you steal / remake from us (and often make bad copies like ‘Skins’ and ‘Shameless’ because of your heavy censorship laws over there because of Bible belt American values). Most of your reality tv is based on British shows, and your biggest show ‘American Idol’ is a British show (originally ‘Pop Idol’ in the UK), and now you even have X Factor USA, not to mention ‘Downton Abbey’ which has won so many awards over there.
As for music, I seriously laughed hard at that. Our music scene is massive and dominates our charts, – Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, Adele, Lilly Allen, Leona Lewis, One Direction, The Wanted, Ellie Goulding, Calvin Harris, James Blunt, Arctic Monkeys, Keane, Mumford &amp: Sons, Emili SandГ©, Muse. – the list goes on.
We do get American culture over here, but it definitely doesn’t dominate and we’re certainly not obsessed about it. Admit it you’ve never even been here have you. You talk crap.

Because Britain is sad former imperial power jealous of America greatness.

Britain is not really that obsessed with America.

We now have so many TV channels that in order
for the TV companies to keep to their licence
agreements which means filling airtime for so
many set hours per day, they have to broadcast
something. So they buy in those shows that are
cheap enough to keep their airtime obligations
fulfilled. It just so happens that they do deals with
the US TV companies with whom we share a common
If we bought shows from Europe they are invariably
in the language of origin and would need translation
and subtitles.

People who watch lots of TV will feel that everything
is American. The answer is to ration your viewing.

As for music, choose programmes that play BBC
Introducing that give airtime to good UK musical

I don’t know one single Brit who is the slightest bit interested in the USA, im not saying we have any sort of problem with Americans its just that we have a completely different culture. Most Brits cant stand American TV and we all think your gay sports are a complete joke.As for British shows based on the USA take a look at this link you idiot

To be honest we all think American culture ( if you can call it that) is a joke, so go troll somewhere else fool.

Kevin LOL says the fat f’uck with the tiny brain thanks for the laugh.

2nd kevin oh yeah all of Britain thinks you dumb brainwashed gun toting cowardly hillbilly’s are great we all want to dress up like crash test dummies and run around like a bunch of fairy’s playing gay football oh yeah we really do lol thanks for the laugh.



better watch a movie,than read a written reserve.Of course,it is much easier to get a better picture by watching the action(images),then browsing through all these indicated words.


I think the question here is : why are you so obsessed with TV, there are other ways of defining a nation you know.

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