Why is anti-Americanism so common in Turkey?

What did America do to **** off 70% of Turkey?

Lets see.

The biggest reason would be Iraq and Afghanistan. See, millions of Muslims who are dead, driven out of their homes: whose culture destroyed, history rewritten in the process of &quot:democratization&quot: are not just statistical data for us. It hurts. It hurts more when our government is a de facto puppet of the US and the US army is supplied by Incirlik Base in Turkey. The US invades Iraq for petrol, creates a Kurdish state neighboring Turkey to secure the pipelines, and in doing so lets Turkmen minorities in Northern Iraq get evicted and killed, their possessions confiscated. Also there is the Hood Event. I, as a Turk, still feel deeply hurt about this, and that’s mostly because our soldiers were ordered to surrender. If you think about this you can understand how big of deal this unfortunate event was for us. Afghanistan is a whole another issue. The Afghanistan was the second country to recognize the Turkish Republic. Also Afghan mujahideen has a special place in our hearts especially because of their selfless fight against the Soviets. I, for one, blame the US for their transformation into a terrorist organization. No infrastructure, no education, no industry, corrupt governments which are supported by the US, and no food. You can’t eat opium for dinner. In ten years at most Iraq will be no different.

The Israel is another issue. The main destabilizer of the region is fully supported by the US. What a surprise!

Also the diplomatic arrogance. Did you know the US planted nuclear missile silos in Turkey during the Cold War and when the crisis was over they packed them up and left? The sad thing is our authorities became aware of this three days later the silos were taken back. We could have been nuked by the Soviets and wouldn’t have any idea why. The same arrogance continues today.

The Libya issue did not help either. Did you know the NATO command center for the war is located in Izmir? They have already started bombing civilians to create chaos. Well, I suppose the US needed another Iraq since they are almost done with it. How would the US citizens feel if Turkey was invading Mexico and &quot:democratizing&quot: Cuba while using Miami as her base of operations.

I would like to note that anti-Americanism is mostly against the US policies and of course policy-makers. I don’t think there is any considerable hatred towards the US citizens. If there were Turkey would be al-Qaeda’s base of operations, wouldn’t you think?

I don’t think it has anything to do with the majority of US being Christian or of another culture. If we wanted to hate Christians we have Europeans right outside our doorstep in whose union we are trying to be accepted. If we wanted to hate another culture there would be an endless civil war.

Because since the Kennedy Administration the US has treated Turkey worst than a temper tantrum child with his sister’s favorite toy.

The US encouraged Turkey to see itself as part of Europe and move towards NATO. We put missiles in to perturb the USSR, then when Kennedy allowed the USSR to install missile and watch the USSR pull them out — he agreed to pull them out of guess where.

When German and other countries were seek peon worker they got them from Turkey. Turkey was a valuable asset against the ultra Muslim state. It was western seeking and secular. When Greece sought to illegally annex Cyprus and potentially mass murder the large Turkish population on that Island, Turkey invaded to protects its ethnics but the US sided with the Greeks. When Congress continues to insult Secular Turkey with crimes done by the dying Ottoman Empire and the Young Turks, not modern Turkey.

Instead of seeing Turkey as the Gateway to the Middle East, the US has treated Turkey as like the Czars of Russia and Churchill in WWI the sick silly man of Europe.

Turkey has been the West’s eyes on the Near East since Constantine, yet we have treated it as how the US saw Muscat and Oman in the late 1950, an anachronism from medieval times

they don’t hate AMERД°CANS they hate zionists. They hate the army they get into other countries businesses and tell them how to run their own country when its not their concern.. they think they are making everything better but they are only making things worse. americans want the oil zionists want the land . the army is using land in turkey for military base if turkey says no they will start to try to run our country too.

Its a hate the sin, love the sinner thing. The invasion of Iraq and the prospect of Kurds getting a state now has destabilized that country so now they are unhappy about that. What do you expect? You offend and threaten people and expect you to like them?

Well, it might have soemthing to do with our invading their next-door neighbor based on trumped up lies and slaughtering thousands of innmcent men, women and children.
Somehow, cons dont seem to understand that oher people don’t like them becasue of things like that.

Please note: the hostility toward Americans should be directed against the cons. Unfortunately, most people in Turkey don’t know the ins and outs of American society –so they tend to lump all of us together instead of just blaiming the cons who have betrayed and disgraced everything America stands for.

I doubt if repeatedly accusing them of committing genocide against Armenians helped.
Supporting Kurdish separatists/terrorists in their eastern provinces certainly didn’t.

Differant cultures. They think we’re rude, just like we think they are dirty.

What?……..It is hands down the most smelly country I have ever been to

Oh and Hobbit the turks are hated around the arab world themselves because they slaughtered alot of them. There is an old movie called Lawrence of Arabia, you should take a look at it some time

if you know history there are many reasons many countries hate america

The u.s put missiles in turkey. That might be it?

maybe because of the iraq war. maybe guantanamo. maybe because of the support of dictators. maybe because of the weird relationship with israel.

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