Why are obviously racist questions allowed on yahoo answers?

seems like allowing them to exist is in violation of yahoo’s own tos..

If the question is offensive then it gets taken out. But racism is alive and well in the US and it has to be pointed out. Specially when those who are racist are such hypocrites that hide behind the anonymity offered by sites like this one. Remember racist are cowards fearful of others being better, and smarter than they.

Okay first of all, while Yahoo sets the rules and does do some monitoring of the site, it is mainly up to the users of the site, like you and me, to report those who break the rules so that their posts will be removed.

It does specifically state in the community guidelines: &quot:We are a community of people with diverse beliefs, opinions, and backgrounds, so please be respectful and keep hateful and incendiary comments off Yahoo! Answers.&quot: So racist comments are definitely NOT allowed.

Report those violations, and even if they don’t go down immediately know that your reporting now can make all of the difference in removing violations later when others add their reports to yours.

A lot of questions that clearly violate the Community Guidelines are not deleted because no one reports them so they remain on the Main Board.

A question can be racist and not violate the CG OR the TOS technically. HOPEFULLY, one or more answers to a racist question can crack open the closed mind of the person who posted the racist question just a TINY little bit. A powerful earthquake starts with fracture of a few mineral crystals. Minds work in a similar manner. Poke a hole in an arrogance bubble or crack a closed mind a tiny bit, and it will collapse pretty quickly. Narcissistic rant rages posted on weekends can be so entertaining, especially when they lap over into Monday morning.


The are allowed because your fellow users do not report them. If 20 of the 10000 users currently on the site would report, they would be gone quick. It may be your fellow users do not consider them as racist as you consider them.

They are not allowed, but that doesn’t prevent them from getting posted. You can help by reporting the racists questions that you see.

They aren’t allowed. This site is community moderated..it is up to all of us to report them. They violate the Community Guidelines.

3 words freedom of speech

Every one has right to learn every thing.

guess freedom of opinion isn’t dead yet?

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